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"I'm very excited about you website. I'm a Kenyan, 19 years old and I decided to read your webpages about Kenyan culture. At first I was reading with raised eyebrows b/c most of the time people have it wrong about Kenya and act like experts when they are completely wrong. My eyebrows kept lowering and I got more excited b/c you have everything right.. When I read the part that 'finger pointing is considered rude' that just sold it for me and had me laughing... I love your website for me its the best website about Kenya ever! I really love it. I will be providing links to this website especially to foreigners b/c most of the time they want to hear about Kenya from a 'mzungus' perspective. Asante and have a wonderful week!"
Jean, Nairobi, Kenya

"I lived in Nakuru, GilGil and Nairobi way back in the 1960s. I finally returned to Kenya in September 2007 and now have a lovely Kenyan fiance from Nakuru. I needed some Kenyan recipes to impress her parents and I found them at your website. Your site is very impressive - thank you and keep up the good work!"
- Archie Melrose, Aberdeen (Scotland), UK

"Hi Arjen, i just want to say thank you on behalf of my country men for presenting in my view the most accurate info on Kenya. I love your site, it is well done. It has been so helpful to me over time especially that am in the tourism industry.”
– Brian Kim, Nairobi, Kenya

"Dude, just read the intro page on Kenya-Advisor and I have to tell you you have spelt out my sentiments and feelings towards Africa in general, and Kenya in particular, exactly. Will read some more and hopefully have something to contribute in the future."
- Mike Welsh, London, UK

"Hi Arjen, we are visting Kenya in September for our honeymoon. I've been on your site for the last 2 hours. It's incredible and has such excellent information on it. Thanks!"
- Robert Laurie, Cardiff, UK

“I want to give you props for a very well-done site and coming from me that's a big compliment. I would consider myself an expert on the country since I was born and raised in Kenya. The amount and accuracy of the information you have about my homeland is... simply amazing. Well done and thank you.”
- Alex Jones, Orange County (CA), USA

"I must point out that your site has information not found on other travel sites. I like the honesty and will be happy to provide your site as a reference about Kenya to my clients."
- Peter Philip, owner of Natural Track Safaris, Nairobi, Kenya

"I love this website. The food recipes, the pictures, the details that no one thought we would see online... I just enjoy this site very much. I was born and brought up (and worked for a long time) in Kenya. I would like to see more of North Eastern Kenya and Western Kenya covered here, too. Great job - keep it up!"
- Daria Kwhaka, Brampton (Ontario), Canada

"I've never been to Kenya but your website is really making me want to go!"
- Kayla Parker, Memphis (TS), USA

"I lived in Kenya for 10 years as a child and will be returning after being away for 20 years. I appreciate your website - it has been invaluably helpful." [Three days later, a second email:] "The more I read Kenya-advisor.com, the more impressed I am. You have saved me valuable time and lessoned my decision making anxiety. I will recommend this site to anyone traveling to/in Kenya!"
- Catherine Toomer, Aiken County (SC), USA

"I stumbled across your site and I just love it. I'm Kenyan and would like to thank you for what you are doing. It's a great site for everyone, not just foreigners. Your three recipes which I tried were good too... I definitely will be back for more. Keep up the good work Arjen!"
- Evelyn Kibe, Nairobi, Kenya

“I stopped to take a look at your site, mostly because my husband has been to Kenya recently and is involved in a business project there. Your site is really great! I got a 'feel' for the country right away. And the photos are stunning!”
- Susan Koranki, Oklahoma City (OK), USA

"Your site is just great. And the pictures are absolutely beautiful!"
- Nina Dyoran, Chicago (IL), USA

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