What do people in Kenya eat?

by Danielle

I'm wondering what typical food and drink is of the people in Kenya?

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Aug 13, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Jul 12, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Apr 29, 2015
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by: Ria

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May 29, 2014
Report NEW
by: Anonymous

Im doing a report on Kenya. Hope this will answer all my questions................... hehehehehe

Jan 06, 2013
Kenya NEW
by: Anonymous

I just took a trip to Kenya and found that there foods weren't quite different to what we have.

For their breakfast, they ate mandazzi, which is fried sweets. it is very similar to doughnuts.

for their main dish, they eat Nyama Choma which is beef or goat meat roasted over an open fire. In Kenya, it is very popular and is usually eaten with veggetables.

May 29, 2012
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by: Anonymous


May 09, 2012
kaydie NEW
by: Anonymous

is your food nice

Apr 24, 2012
food NEW
by: Anonymous

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May 03, 2011
Kenya people Probably eat other stuff
by: Michell

Kenyan people eat Goat meat and other sorts of stuff and they probably don't have McDonadls like we do or all the other fast food restraunts.

Mar 23, 2011
foren food
by: Anonymous

i have heard that they have the same fast food as us!

Apr 20, 2010
Yummy Food
by: Archie Melrose


A little bit late but I am just recently back from Kenya.

My fellow moderators have covered most things but let me tell you this :

I used to hate Ugali - it was an anathema to me but as time has gone on I see and taste the benefits of it. Forget your knife and fork, wash your hands in the offered hot water basin and pick up the Ugali and enjoy. Roll the ugali and pick up the meat or sauce - its heaven.

You can do the same with chipatis and you have to remember this - most families in Kenya have one pot to cook and everything goes in. Let me tell you that even with one pot the variety of flavours is awesome.

Good Eating and Travels


Mar 30, 2010
Kenyan Food......
by: Cassandra Marie

All of the Kenyan food I have had is very good. My travels have taken me back many times and each time my taste buds are excited for a few dishes! Githeri is very yummy and filling. I have learned not to take a hard bite because I have found a few small peddles in mine before...I have heard stories from others who's tooth has found the pebble a little to late. Never the less it is a tasty meal! I also often crave Mondaazi! There is something about these doughnut like sweets that I crave. Starting off the morning with one is so nice when you can get your hands on a fresh one! The dish I love the most is a small plate of Samosas! They are close to the Indian ones but the taste is different because the Kenyan ones have beef in them. The beef is seasoned and the batter is not over fired (most of the time)and they are so yummy!

Hope this list of great Kenyan food answers your question. Also hope you get to enjoy some too!

Mar 30, 2010
Typical Kenyan food
by: Arjen (webmaster)

Here are some of the best known dishes in Kenya - many belong to particular tribes but some dishes are common in the whole of Kenya.

Nyama Choma: Beef or goat meat roased over an open fire. Very popular in Kenya. Eaten together with vegetables or other food.

Ugali: A kind of semi-hard cake made from maize flour. Favorite in the whole of Kenya. Eaten together with meat of vegetables.

Chapati: A flat, round bread cooked on a griddle.

Githeri: Boiled maize and beans, sometimes lightly fried with onion.

Mandaazi: Fried sweets, often served for breakfast, a bit similar to doughnuts.

Here's more about food in Kenya, including some recipes:


Drinks in Kenya are often similar to drinks elsewhere. Kenya produces it's own coffee and tea, and both have a good reputation. Tea is often mixed with milk and sugar (it's called chai). Kenya produces it's own beer to, Tusker, and also a few spirits. Alvaro is a new popular brand of soft drinks in Kenya.

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