What are typical things to buy in Kenya

by Habibina
(Beirut, Lebanon)

I am traveling to Mombasa soon.

I would like to buy some souvenirs.

Just to have an idea of what to expect, what are typical things to buy in Kenya as a traveler?

Many thanks.

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Jan 15, 2010
Kenya Souvenirs
by: Archie Melrose

I remembered that in the Mombasa area there are craft cooperatives which utilise the craft talents of the Kenyan citizens and display/sell them to visitors. I think this is very worthwhile and if you purchase then you are supporting many families.

I agree with Cassandra's suggestions regarding the bags as our last trip to Mombasa we bought woven shopping bags for friends. Light to carry in a suitcase and great quality as a gift to friends.

This morning my fiance in Nakuru asked me for ideas regarding a wedding present for a couples wedding in Kericho this Saturday. Thankyou Cassandra the wooden bowl and tongs has saved my life.


Jan 14, 2010
Kenyan Things
by: Cassandra Marie


When you are out at about looking at what to buy there will be many things that look nice. My advice is to take your time. Really there are some wonderful treasure to find!

Each time I go I pick up a piece of art. Something that cough my eye and will make me think of Kenya and the trip. Something that will send me mentally back to Kenya with all the wonderful sites, sounds, and smells. That is something you might want to pick up for yourself.

For others...if you are wanting to get them something...I would say wooden carved salad tong. I have brought back many over the years and my friends and family love them. They look cool and work great!

Also I have worked in some very poor areas and the ladies there make bags. Selling these bags only makes them a few shillings but it is their income. I have bought many bags and taken them back home. For a long time I was not sure what to do with them but a friend said she liked one of them so I gave it to her as a birthday gift. When other saw her open it they wanted one to. So things like that are a double blessing! People at home will like the gift from Kenya and you would be helping someone earn an income at the same time. Just some food for thought.

Hope you have a great trip!

Jan 14, 2010
Kenya Souvenirs
by: Archie Melrose

When you have settled into the hotel can I suggest a tour around Fort Jesus which is worth a visit especially the museum. Now when you come out, on the opposite side of the car/taxi park you will see a small road that leads into Mombasa Old Town. Just a few hundred yards down a narrow street there are many many excellent souvenir shops. These are like Aladins caves full of the normal wooden carvings but items that you would not normally see in the outdoor markets. Personally I love the wall hangings and soapstone carvings. For women, the colourful materials for making a 'kanga' are superb complete with a thoughtful proverb along the lower hemline.

If you get fed up with Nescafe coffee sachets and long for a real cup then further down the same street there is a coffee shop where you are taken to a room with mattresses on the floor and you can choose from many different types of coffee.



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