Weather in Nairobi: What to expect

What's the weather in Nairobi like? If you're planning a holiday trip to Nairobi, it's likely that you're prepared for the hot climate. You may be surprised to find out that the weather in Nairobi is actually quite pleasant during most times of the year. They don't call it the "Green City in the Sun" for nothing.

Though Nairobi is right in the middle of a very hot and dry country, it has one special feature that helps moderate its climate: altitude. Nairobi is approximately 5,500 feet (1,600 meters) above sea level, which keeps it much cooler than the surrounding countryside. Its this one factor that keeps the weather in Nairobi at such reasonable levels.

Current weather in Nairobi, Kenya:

The Rainy Seasons

There are 2 distinct rainy seasons in Nairobi, usually during March to May, as well as later in November and December. You won't be inundated with rain during those times, but you'll find the skies more overcast and frequent rainy periods. This can have an impact on the types of activities you plan on doing while in Kenya. Don't assume that the rainy periods are also the coolest. They're not.

Temperature in Nairobi

The seasonal changes in temperature are noticeable through the year, but are not as drastic as what you would see through most of North America, for example. The warmest months are from January to April, and it also tends to warm up again in October. The hottest time is around February and April when the temperatures will reach around 78 F (26 C) during the day, and drop to around 55 F (13 C) at night. The coolest times to visit Nairobi would be July and August, with highs around 70 F (21 C) and lows closer to 50 F (10 C).

Best Time to Visit

Though the weather in Nairobi is a big factor to consider when planning your trip, you may want to time your vacation for other events as well.

I suggest coming during the months of August-September, not only because it is the coolest times of the year, but because it’s the season for the annual wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara area. Since I'm sure you're planning to take at least one safari tour while visiting Kenya, why not do it when the most dramatic wildlife event of the year takes place? Millions of wildebeest and zebras move through the region during these months to follow the rain patterns.

However, the dry periods of July-August and December-January are also the most touristy months in Kenya. If you are one of those people who like to avoid that, you could think of travelling outside those periods.

All Year Round

Overall speaking, the Nairobi weather is fairly consistent through the year and you won't find huge temperature swings or any violent weather. It's mainly pleasantly warm, sunny and clear. This makes Nairobi an all the year round destination.

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