Trip from Nakuru to Nairobi in 1993

by John Marshall
(Orange, California)

WHilst working for the British COuncil in Nairobi in 1993-1994, I took a trip along the old road from Nakuru to Nairobi via Naivasha. I had a large empty Landrover Series 3, very old and one that had in its logbook as a previous owner Richard Leakey.

I noticed about ten children walking homwe from school, as it was about 2.00pm. They were five and six years olds. They could not understand a word of English but jumped in to the Landrover when I stopped because they knew I was going in their direction.

Imagine my fright when a mile further on I was flagged down by a Kenya Policeman. He asked me if I could take him to the Naivasha Polcie Station. Then he saw the kids in the back. I explained what I was doing. So he spoke to them and I assumed that he asked them where they were going.

I drove on and was beckoned to stop and let them off after ten miles! Wow, I thought, is this really their daily journey to school? Maybe they missed the bus but them I remembered how teachers I worked with in Central Province in early 1993 declined the bus or matatu to take them to the secondary school where we were all working to save the cost. So I guessed that these children were doing this journey everyday probably in both directions.

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what a great trip
by: Anonymous

Hi This Abeer = Abby
Actually, I liked your experience, especially in Africa, Nairob. What I like that you have funny story with kids and pliceman.
Also, how these kids walked miles on their feet to achieve their goal of learning, what a beautfil kids are they. I like this kind of story. I feel it give the individual or add more amazing experience.
Thanks to share us your trip and I'd love to read more.
Everyone can go to trip, but who will have a great experience that's the question.


Great Story
by: Anonymous

What a great story. When I have been in Kenya the children walking have run after my van and yelled..."HOWWWW ARE YOUUUUUUU?" It it something that still beings a smile to my face. Thank you for posting your story for all to read.

Children of Kenya will walk for miles!
by: john Lambert

Hi John,
Thank you for sharing your story!
Yes the children of Kenya will walk for miles,

and I can imagine your fear regarding the police.

I know many people who visit Kenya every year or two
(going on a safari and mission trip to western Kenya). One of the comments of surprise is that the children will walk so far to school and for medical care. Of course the children will also walk for miles for Water.

You can see some photos at my friend Steve James'

Best Regards,
John Lambert

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