What's the Time in Nairobi?

The time in Nairobi (Kenya) is 3 hours later than Greenwich Mean Time (GMT or UTC). The Nairobi time zone is called EAT (East Africa Time). Nairobi is in the same time zone as Tanzania, Ethiopia, and the Western part of Russia (including Moscow). This means that if it’s morning in the USA, it’s the late afternoon or early evening in the USA.

Kenya has no Daylight Saving Time (DST) scheduled, so the time doesn’t change in the summer like it does in many places in North America or Europe.

How late it's NOW in Nairobi:

Nairobi Time Compared

If it's 3 PM in Nairobi (afternoon tea time), then the corresponding time elsewhere is:

- Los Angeles: 5 AM (everybody still sleeping)
- Denver: 6 AM (last minutes before the alarm clock goes)
- Minneapolis: 7 AM (brushing your teeth)
- New York: 8 AM (in traffic jam)
- London: 12 AM (at work)
- Berlin and Paris: 1 PM (lunch time)
- Moscow: 3 PM (afternoon vodka)
- Mumbai: 4 PM (Cup A Soup time)
- Beijing: 7 PM (doing the dishes)
- Tokyo: 9 PM (watching TV)
- Sydney: 11 PM (bed time)

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