The Great Thompson Falls In Nyahururu, Kenya

by Peris and Liz
(Nairobi, Kenya)

Many people believe that the only interesting scenes can be found in urban areas. We would like to change the attitude of many who despise up country areas and think that nothing interesting can be found there.

Nyaharuru is located in the central part of Kenya, about 180 km from Nairobi. My journey started very early on a Saturday morning. I was so eager to see the famous Thompson Falls because I had never been there before.

There were many beautiful things to see like trees, streams, giraffes, monkeys and many other animals but I didn't want to concentrate on anything else but the Thompson Falls. When the tour guide brought me there... Oh my God! The Thompson Falls are the most beautiful falls I've ever come accross in Kenya. I don't want to tell you in details how good it is - you would loose taste. If you have never been there, go there and be my witness.

Compiled by Peris and Liz, Wanyoike, Zetech College.

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by: regina

am so greatful and am proud to have you near me am greatful for serving me so nicely and friendly on saturday and i promise you i will come again and again.

My Favorite
by: Patricia

It has been my privilege and pleasure to stay at the Thomson Falls lodge for two weeks in 2008 and again in 2009. The lodge sits on a lovely setting near the falls, with a restful garden and gazebo. I will stay there again in the is comfortable and the staff is very accommodating and easy to work with.

Kenya's best kept secret
by: Anonymous

Having spent 30days touring Kenya from the coast to the Mara, Mountains and gameparks, my 12 year old daughters favourite place was Thompson Falls Lodge. I am inclined to agree with her, I love it. The staff, the food, the rooms, the facilities, the amenities, the location, shame we didn't spend 28 days here and 2 travelling.

Thompsons Falls
by: Archie [Moderator]

Peris and Liz,

This reply is probably well overdue but I just want to thankyou for your contribution regarding Thompsons Falls at Nyahururu.

Let me tell you a little story - way back when I was at school in Kenya my Mum and Dad decided to go to the falls but got lost. They stopped to ask the way from a fine Kenyan man who was standing at the side of the Dad's Swahili was not that good. The fine Kenyan man responded in perfect Oxford English.....'Oh just take the next right and you will be perfectly poised to see the falls' After much laughter and conversation it transpired that this fine Kenyan man looking after his cows etc had recently returned to Kenya with his University degrees.

I took my own Peris there not so long ago and there are one or two stories posted on this site.
For sure you are right in your description not giving too much away......when it comes to witnessing the beauty of the waterfall then you just have to be there to understand.

It was a wet day, we huddled in the car with tuna sandwiches, crisps and nuts. The rain was incessant but despite that we all braved the elements and took the pictures.

It would be good to hear from other travellers and have them submit their stories



Sounds great
by: Anonymous

The Thompson Falls are on my list of things to do next time I'm in Kenya. Thanks for sharing.

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