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I don't exactly like legal mumbo jumbo... but in these civizilized times it's wise to clearly state the various policies of this website. So here they are:

Copyright Statement

Not surprisingly, it's not allowed to copy most material from this site. But I do have a special set of articles that you can reprint anywhere, if you respect the conditions stated at the bottom of those articles.


Why I'm not advising you to put your wet cat in the micro wave.

Privacy Policy

How I deal with your email address (if you decide to leave it), cookies, etc.

Share This Site

If you like the free information on this website, then please help spread the word. The share this site page gives you some ideas, and also details how you can add my movies, articles etc. to your site.

Submit your travel story

If you have a (travel) story about Kenya to tell, why don't you post it here at so that your friends and everybody else can enjoy it with you?


Go here to send me a message or comment about this site.

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