Shipping books to Kenya?

by Naomi

Hi, my friend from Canada would like to send books to a publuic shool in Kwale (Kenya).

What is the procedure and can she be exempeed from tax because it's just a donation?

Thanks for your help.

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Apr 23, 2015
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by: Leakina

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Apr 01, 2015
Sending books to Kenya NEW
by: Anonymous

Buy the books in Kenya. That way there are in Kiswahili or English with cultural illustrations.

Apr 20, 2010
Sending Stuff
by: Cassandra Marie

As everyone has stated below......sending can be tricky and it is not always 100% getting to the place it was me to reach.

My advise is to have someone take it over if there is someone going in the future. Or if you know of a worker or family on the ground in Kenya, shipping to them maybe the easier way. Then you the person visiting or the person you sent it to can take to the school.

I love Kenya and have been many times. I also have sent things to friends working and living there. They love getting things but sometimes when I have sent it in the mail it have never reached them or they have to pay so much to get the package. So personally I just take things over every year when I go. I know it gets to where it is needed and no one has to pay a ton of fees. If you can't do send it this way then DHL is the next best thing.

Hope that helps and I hope the books get in to the hands of eager Kenyan pupils.

Apr 20, 2010
Don't use Kenyan Posta...
by: Arjen (webmaster)

May I also suggest not to send them through the regular Kenyan mail? The books that I sent to Kenya this way, never reached their destination. Better ship with e.g. DHL, and ask in your home country whether DHL will also do the last-mile delivery in Kenya (DHL is present in Kenya but you never know these days).

good luck,

Apr 20, 2010
Importing Books
by: Archie Melrose


Thanks for your question and I think Irene has covered it very well.

Believe me you are not the only person who needs to know about helping out the children in schools in Kenya and this website will attain to that.

Easy answer to books is this - If you are talking about exercise books with lined pages then find a good cyber cafe and print off from Microsoft Office a double sided lined page in booklet form. You can then take this to be photo copied and produce as much as you want. Get the kids to do their own front and back covers but you will need a good stapler to secure all the pages.

Now you may want to speak to your friends in Canada about the cost of doing this, so its up to you to do that and hopefully they will help with money transfer.

Would I do it? Oh yes, I would have the house in Nakuru turning out exercise books each and every day.

I hope this helps and wish you much success


Apr 19, 2010
shipping books to Kenya
by: Irene O

If someone want to sent a parcel to Kenya either by ship or plane she/he should know that the receiver must pay taxes. There is a procedure for registered charity organisations to obtain a certain form to avoid to pay taxes but this takes time.

If someone sent a container to Kenya this could be worth at if you can get a registered charity organisation to receive it and follow the procedure. There are agents handling the containers to get them out of the port but they are mostly expensive.

About books : It depends to the quantity of the books if it is worth at

Just take a look at the website of the Kenyan Customs

Even if there are no import duties and VAT there is a fee of 2,25 % of the total amount, the cost of the books. So it depends how expensive the books are...
Regards Irene

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