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I’ve created a number of videos which you can put on your site easily. They are all hosted on YouTube - this is the easiest way for anyone to get them on their site. Just go to my Youtube page, pick the movie you want, copy the code shown to the right of the movie, and paste this into your website. (You must paste it directly in the code of your site. This may not be possible directly in some Content Management Systems, so then you have to find a way to go around it and get directly to the source code of your page.) Go here:

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The material on THIS website is copyrighted, and can’t be duplicated elsewhere. However, I’ve created a special set of articles that you can reprint on your website, or anywhere else. They are posted at Just go to my Ezinearticles page and pick you one(s) you like best:

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You see – many ways…. Again, thank you very much for your help, and I hope you’ll continue to enjoy this website.

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