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Questions & Answers From Other Visitors

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Where is the Maasai Market in Nairobi?  
The Maasai Market in Nairobi is where on Wednesdays and Thursdays? I could not find the answer to that so far and a friend of mine is only here for two …

How much does a Kenyan Citizen earn in one day? 
I am very interested to learn how much a Kenyan citizen can earn in any job, in one day? What work is to most common, will it earn enough to survive? Thanks …

Can I buy via Amazon or another seller and have it shipped to Kenya? 
I don't live in Kenya but in Germany, but want to buy an item from amazon and have it sent to a Kenyan. Maybe there is another international company doing …

How long does it take to get a work/entry permit for Kenya? 
My fiance is Kenyan and we have started a business together registered in Kenya. We are planning on buying some land and building a house and after this …

Can I bring a pet (dog) on the train Nairobi-Mombasa? 
I would like to travel to Mombasa with my puppy for a week end, but I don´t want to fly so I was thinking to go by train. Do you know if pets are allowed …

How much does a nurse earn in Kenya? 
I'm wondering how much (diploma) nurses in Kenya make? Thank you for any answers you're able to give.

Toilet arrangements on safari in Kenya 
We have been invited to our niece' wedding in Kenya in October 2012. Two-weeks; one safari and/or one at a hotel. Just trying to think through pros and …

Can I wear a wedding/engagement ring with diamonds (small) in Kenya? 
We are wondering if we can wear our wedding/engagement rings in Kenya without the danger of someone stealing them or people being offended? Physicians …

Kenyan skeletal speech constructs to thank wedding guests? 
I'm wondering if there any Kenyan skeletal speech constructs to thank wedding guests? Many thanks in advance for any information you're able to provide. …

What is the current law and order situation in Nairobi? 
I have heard many bad voices about law and order situation of Nairobi. Are they correct or they are just rumors. Please advice me as I am going there for …

Can I send a bank debit card from the UK to Kenya? 
I want to send a package containing a magazine, chocolate, an eyeliner pencil and a bank debit card (not activated) to my daughter who works in Nairobi …

What does the Swahili phrase "utak avo unishike taratibu upaenzi" mean? 
Hi, is there anyone who can please tell me what "utak avo unishike taratibu upaenzi" means?This phrase is printed on some cloth I was given. Thank you …

If I mail a gift to Kenya does the recipient have to pay customs and VAT? 
If I send a package to Kenya through the mail, is there some way for me to pay the fee and VAT? My wife wants to send an article of clothing to a girl …

Best time to see animals in Kenya's national parks? 
Can you please advise me what's the best time for animal viewing when I go on a safari in one of the national parks in Kenya? Many thanks in advance for …

How or where can an American citizen buy land in Kenya? 
Jambo, my name is Darius. I am an American citizen who is married to a Kenyan. My wife has a Green Card but has not gotten full citizenship in the U.S. …

Can lions roam everywhere in Kenya? 
Hi. My question is: do the lions in Kenya roam everywhere where people walk, or is there a limit to where the Kenya lions can go? Thanks for your answers. …

Buying beads in Mombasa and elsewhere in Kenya? 
I like to make necklaces from beads and she was wondering where she can buy beads to make necklaces? I'm also wondering if the beads are agates or wood …

Where can I visit local villages near Mombasa? 
We are coming to Mombasa and are doing a safari to East & West Tsavo. We would like to visit some real local villages. Are there local villages in this …

How much do student pay in public schools in Kenya? 
Hi, I'm not Kenyan but I want to study in Kenya so I would like to know the following: how much money do students have to pay in public schools? Many thanks …

Meaning of colors of beads in Masaai wedding necklaces? 
Hi, I'm wondering what the meaning is of the colors of beads used in Masaai wedding necklaces? I know that the colors used, the pattern of the colors …

Has anyone used "Nature Encounters Tours and Travel" for their Kenya safari? 
Nature Encounters Tours & Travel is a Canadian company that focuses on Tanzanian and Kenyan safaris. The company is run by a lady named Carol Peterson. …

Can a Kenyan man and an American women have a marriage without cultural problems? 
Hi, I am an American woman who is engaged to an Kenyan man. So far our relationship is great. But what are the odds of a Kenyan man and an American woman …

Neck issue a problem on a safari in Kenya? 
Hi, I have the following question to ask. My wife has to wear a neck support on long road journeys. Could this be a problem when she goes on a safari in …

Living in Kenya after marriage 
Hi, I am engaged to my Kenyan citizen girlfriend. I'm now wondering whether I will be able to live in Kenya once we are married? Asante Sana for your help. …

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Taking tinned foods in airplane luggage to Kenya? 
Hi, I need to eat oily fish several times a week, and would like to know if tinned sardines and mackerel can be taken in aeroplane hold luggage to Kenya? …

Good gift for Kenyan camp staff? 
Hi, I'm wondering what is a good gift to get for Kenyan camp staff? I will be going on a trip to Kenya for three weeks to build a school with fellow …

Viewing my great-grandparents wills who died in Kenya? 
Hi, I would like to view copies of my great-grandparents wills who died in Kenya in the 1930s. I have the details from the Kenya Gazette, e.g. the dates …

Visa for foreigner seeking a job in Kenya? 
Hi, I am an Ivorian student currently studying in india and I would like to work in Nairobi in the advertisement field. I have no affiliation with any …

Can I air dry clothes in Mombasa, Kenya? 
Hi, I'm wondering if it is safe to air dry clothes when I'm in Mombasa, Kenya? Many thanks for any information you're able to provide.

Meaning of Kenya? 
Hi. My name was Carlita at first, but now it's Kenya and I really want to know wat it means because i never knew wat Carlita means. Can you please help? …

How to get visa to Uganda and then Kenya? 
Hello. I am an Indonesian vet, who is going to go to Uganda to have a professional workshop. After that, I also have a plan to visit Kenya for professional …

Easy connections between Nairobi Kenya and Tel Aviv? 
Hi, I'm looking to travel to Kilimanjaro and Israel next year. Do you have any suggestions as to connection options? Many thanks in advance for any tips …

How long does mail from Russia to Kenya take? 
Hi. I'm wondering, how long does it take for an ordinary mail letter sent from Russia to Kenya to arrive? Thanks for any answers you can provide.

I need a translation from English to Maasai language 
My name is Joao Madeira and I'm a boy-scout from Portugal and my tribe is trying to create a chant. I'm here because We choose to be the Maasai Tribe …

Extending my visiting visa period 
Now I am in kenya, I want to extend my visa period. What are the formalities I have to go through for extending? I am in marketing. Thanks in advance for …

How to become a wedding and events advisor/florist in kenya 
Hi, I have always had the passion for becoming a wedding and events planner or advisor,and I would like to get started but I do not have the necessary …

Taking gluten free stuff to Kenya? 
I'm going to Masai Mara and I'm wondering if I can take gluten free stuff with me. Is this going to be a real problem?

Where to find pure cotton bras made in Kenya? 
I'm wondering if there tailors who make cotton bras using pure cotton material in Kenya? Or are there any such shops in kenya where one can buy them? Many …

Exchanging Euro coins for Kenyan Shillings? 
I'm wondering where can one exchange their euro coins for Kenyan shillings in Nairobi? I have so many piled up in my bag and want to get rid them by exchanging …

Wearing cotton or polyester clothing while in Kenya? 
I will be going to Kenya on a building project soon and am trying to figure out what clothing would be best to bring. I will be based around Nairobi. …

Is kosher food available in Kenya? 
Hi. I'm travelling to kenya in August and my family is strictly kosher for meat and poultry. We would like to be able to buy meat on arrival in Nairobi. …

Children playing in Kenya? 
Hi, I am doing an assignment for a childcare course, one of the questions I am having trouble finding info on is that I have to discuss the beliefs about …

Can I carry food and dried milk into Kenya in hold luggage 
I would like to know if I am allowed to carry cereals, dried milk, choclate bars, biscuits etc. in my luggage when I fly into Kenya? And is there a limit …

Where can I hear the Bible in Swahili? 
I need to teach a Bible verse (John 3:16) in repition of Swahili and then English for a skit in July. Please send me info if you have. Many thanks in advance …

Is kenya expensive? 
I am doing an asignment on Kenya. I basically have to act as i am a travel agent trying to sell the country and make a person travel to kenya. one of …

How to buy a cheap house in Kenya? 
We are retired but also are missionaries wishing to live in Kenya, but only 6 months out of the year. What is the proper protecol involved to buy a low …

What was the name of Kenya in 1960 
I understand that Kenya became a country in 1963, before that, I understand that is was a British area, what was the region called before 1963?

Staying at Aberdare Country Club or elsewhere in Kenya? 
Is it possible to stay for several days at the Aberdare Country Club? If not, is there adequate (clean & safe) lodging nearby? I would like to fish …

Is there any duty tax on gifts for children in orphange?  
We are arriving in Dec and will have alot of stuff for the kids in the orphange.(school supplies, clothes toys, etc.) Do we have to pay a tax on this …

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Kenyan visa/citizenship problem 
Hi! I will try to make this as simple as possible.. My dad is Kenyan and my mom is from a European country, I've been leaving in Europe all my life. …

What is the water in Kenya like? 
Giving a speech about Kenya and wanted to know what the water is like? Many thanks in advance.

Want to marry in Nairobi--Help 
Hello, we are both US citizens and want to marry in Nairobi or elsewhere in Kenya... We are there from Feb 24 to March 6. It is just the two of us so simple …

Changing tourist visa for work permit in Kenya? 
Hello, I'm flying to Kenya next week on a tourist visa and I hope that I can find a job there. I love Kenya a lot, so if I find a job is it possible …

Can you offer any advice on the company "Dream Kenya Safaris" based in Diani? 
I'm from the UK. Travelling to Diani Beach over xmas/new year with my wife. I have found a value for money safari and Wasini Island trip (online) through …

Can I use my British tv in Kenya? 
I am staying with friends in Kenya and want to take a small flat screen tv. They have a dvd player already but we can then watch films on tv. The tv fits …

Buying land in Kenya? 
Hello, I would like to know how much it will cost me to buy a 1/4 acre of land or 1/2 an acre in Kikuyu, Kinoo or Uthiru. Many thanks in advance.

Visiting Masai Mara with Freeman Safaris? 
I want to visit Masai Mara national park and I want to travel with Freeman Safaris. I just want to know if it's a reputal company? Many thanks in advance. …

How can i live and work in Kenya? 
I'm 22, learning Kiswahili and im from england. I have been round Kenya and Tanzania and want to live there as I find the people, culture, Africa amazing …

How many lions in Nairobi National Park? 
How many lions are there in the Nairobi National Park? Is it a good choice if i want to see many lions and even their famous kills?

How did nationalization lead to independence of Kenya 
I'm wondering, how did nationalization lead to independence of Kenya? Thanks for any answers.

When is Kenyan food harvested? 
Wondering when the harvest in Kenya is? We are studying Kenya and wanted to share information at our school's Harvest Festival. Many thanks.

What do they sell on the markets in Kenya? 
I would like to know what people sell on the markets in Kenya. Many thanks.

How long does mail to India take through Kenya Post? 
Hello, I sent a parcel on the 24th of September to India via air mail by Kenya Post office in Mombasa. The recipient still has not received it... How long …

Information about the Resiat tribe? 
In an article about the explorer Sámuel Teleki I've read he got information in 1887 from the Resiat tribe about a great lake, that later is called Lake …

Best time of day to see animals in Kenya? 
What is the best time of day to see animals in the parks? And to even spot them hunting?

Can you send personal stuff to Kenya, Nairobi 
I stay in glasgow and I want to send some stuff to Kenya. What is the price per KG if you know this, and how long does it take?

Sending a 75lb package to Eldoret, Kenya 
I will be sending a package of long sleeved shirts and sweaters for children at Samaritan Nursery School, in Eldoret Kenya. I wanted to know the procedures …

Are there lots of spiders in Kenya? 
Just wondering if there are many spiders in Kenya? Thanks for any information you have.

Driving rules in Kenya? 
I am on holiday in Kenya and will like to drive out by car, what do I need to know in terms of traffic laws and so on? Thanks.

Can i send money to the Uk by Western Union from Kenya 
Can I send money to the Uk by Western Union from Kenya?

What tonnage of tea did Kenya export last year? 
What tonnage of tea did Kenya export last year?

What issues play a major political role in Kenya? 
What are the major political issues in Kenya? Such as like population and so forth? Many thanks in advance.

What mobile phone networks work in Kenya 
I'm wondering, does Vodafone network work in Kenya or Orange? Thanks in advance for your help.

Living in Kenya  
Dear All, I'll be moving to Nairobi by end of this month and i have very issues would like to clarify, appreciate your help. 1- Is it dangerous to …

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Things for my collection from Kenya? 
What are nice things to buy from Kenya for muy collection? I especially like things they made themselves. Many thanks.

Business start-up ideas for a Kenyan family 
For the past nine months I have been supporting a family in Kenya trying to raise their standard of living and get them in a position where that new level …

Good Kenyan foods for weddding? 
I am planning a wedding for someone they want Kenyan (and Jamaican) food there. What would be good food for such an occasion? The wife is West Indian and …

Cost of scuba diving and dhow hire in Kenya? 
I would like to know how much money to budget for scuba diving and dhow trip in Mombassa. Am staying at the Voyager on Nyali beach. Thank you in advance. …

Translation into Maa? 
Hi, is there someone who could translate the following into Maa (the Maasai language)? "Don't fight a lion with a stick." Many thanks in advance. …

Charges for Nairobi National Park? 
When visiting Nairobi National Park, what time does the bus pick people from town and what are charges for entering the park? Many thanks in advance.

How to trace documents sent from Kenya 
I live in Netherlands. My sister sent me very important documents which I will use to extend my staying visa here in the Netherlands, but now its one month …

How to move in with an African tribe? 
Me and my boyfriend have been thinking about this for quite some time now, but we're actually getting up and trying to do this! We'd like to live in a …

Is this the real cause of poverty in Kenya 
According to the latest census, Kenya's population is growing at the rate of 1 Million a year. In 1999 it stood at 28 million now it is 38 million and …

Grean coffee beans search! 
Hi, I am looking for a coffee farmer supplies us with grean coffee beans. Coffee bean quality: AA. Please send us an email: Euler.Automaten @ …

Is there a customs and handling fee for books in Kenya 
I sent a box of church books to our associate ministry in Gusii Kenya and the post office is asking for a customs and handling fee of $100 to release to …

Is it safe for a gay couple to travel in Kenya? 
I've read the info on this site about Kenya's laws governing gays and how they're not really enforced, but I'd appreciate some candid answers to my question. …

What time does Wilson airport open in the mornings? 
Am flying in from London and going to Lewa. My flight arrives at 6am so when can I get into Wilson airport?

Taking pets from Kenya to the UK? 
I'm wondering if i need an export permit for my pets when leaving Kenya, and if yes, where do I get this from? Many thanks.

Tickets Nairobi-Mombasa train? 
Hi I am going to stay in Kenya for 2 weeks in October. How can I buy tickets for the train service Nairobi-Mombasa, is there any ticket office in Nairobi …

Visa after marrying to a Kenyan man? 
I am coming to Kenya for three months, but first would like to see if I can extend my tourist visa for 6 months? I am planning to get married to my kenyan …

How to court a woman from Kenya? 
What are the dating customs that I should keep in mind?

What are good gift ideas for host families in Kenya? 
My college student daughter leaves soon for a semester study/internship in Kenya. She is with one host family in Nairobi, then another in a rural area, …

Visa when marrying an American citizen? 
If a Kenyan woman got married to a USA citizen, will I get a visa to the USA? And how long will it take to get the visa?

The name Mochumbe is from which Kenyan tribe? 
Hi, my friends name is Mochumbe and I would like to know his tribe. I thought he was Kisii but he said that its not his tribe. Could you please advise? …

How are wills probated in Kenya? 
I'm wondering how wills work in Kenya. Specifically, if a US citizen dies in Kenya, what steps must be followed by named heirs to claim the inheritance? …

Coffee or Nescafe?? 
Ok - I have this question about coffee. Perhaps some of the others could help me? KAHAWA - The word kahawa has an Arabic etymology, and means coffee …

Safest and cheapest ways to send parcels to Kenyan NGO? 
We have boxes of books, toys, etc in London for an NGO based in Kisumu. Is there is a reliable cargo company that we can use to send them to Kenya? Thank …

Is November a good time for a Kenya safari? 
I am planning to visit Kenya in Nobember. Is this a good time for a safari? I am unfortunately not able to travel before that. Many people have advised …

Official holiday on August 5 in Kenya? 
Hi, was today (August 5th) supposed to be an official holiday in Kenya? Many thanks in advance.

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Does HELB offer students studying abroad loans? 
I had read that HELB would start giving loans to Kenyan students abroad. Has the program started already? Thanks for any answers.

Laundromats or laundrettes in Nairobi? 
We're staying with relatives in Runda and it's been so damp and overcast and cold our clothes won't dry on the line. Our relatives have a washing machine, …

Restaurant in Nanyuki, Kenya 
Hi everybody, I am looking for somebody so we can invest together and put up a restaurant in Nanyuki near Mount Kenya. I did work sometime in Nanyuki …

Suicide of Ronald Harry Brewer in Nairobi, 1930s 
I am interested in the publicity surrounding the suicide of my uncle Ronald Harry Brewer born 1911, he worked for the Hudson Bay Company and took his life …

Pay of an average journalist in Kenya 
I´m wondering how much an average journalist in Kenya would be making. Thanks very much in advance.

How to sell products to hotels in Kenya 
Hello, I´m a tiens distributor and we have great products that can function marvelously in the spa sector. If you are interested how can I get in touch …

Cheapest way to send a parcel from England to Kenya 
I want to send pens/pencils to a school in Kenya, what would be the cheapest way to send them. Many thanks in advance.

How to get the Daily Nation forJjuly 26th 2010 
How can I get the daily nation for july 26th 2010. Am out of the country. Just need to know about kenya yesterday. Thanks in advance.

Tracing a warrior from the Masai tribe 
Hi, is there some one in the Masaii tribe or a warrior called Ebegwa or Ebegway. If so, please send me some information on this person. I´m a spiritual …

Location and boundaries of the Masai tribe 
I´m wondering what is the exact location and the boundaries of the land of the Masai tribe in Africa. Many thanks.

Buying goods from Kenya online? 
Am writing to inquire on how I can buy some stuff from Kenya online and whether you do make deliverlies? Thanks in advance.

Wearing perfume in a Kenyan hotel?  
My wife asks if it is safe or wise to wear perfume in a hotel in Kenya? Thanks for any answers.

Possible for children to tour wilson? 
My sunday school need to visit Wilson airport. What is the procedure? Thanks for your help.

Need visa for changing flights in Nairobi, Kenya? 
I am travelling to Tanzania and my flight changes in Kenya - do I need a Kenyian visa? We will not be leaving the airport (although we have to wait several …

Christian Artist seeking contacts in Kenya and Africa 
Christian Artist would be very interest in coming performing for youth in Africa, now who contact person can put together event bringing people together …

Traditional wedding gift for Kenyan couple? 
I have Kenyan friends who are being "remarried" in the US, where they have lived for 10 years. Is there something traditional to Kenyan culture that is …

Kenyan adoption laws - living with child for 3 months? 
I wanted to know if there is any exception to the Kenyan law that says you have to live with the child you wish to adopt for three months in kenya.

What currency to use in Kenya - Dollars or Pounds Sterling? 
Some countries prefer to be paid in US Dollars or Sterling. What currency should we take when going to Kenya? Many thanks in advance.

Is there a train from mombasa to eldoret? 
I am trying to send a 40ft shipping container for a charity to Eldoret and I was wondering what's the best way to do that. (By train?) Any advice would …

What are the different forms of corruption practiced in kenya? 
I would like to know more about the different forms of corruption practised in Kenya. Many thanks for your answers.

Nairobi National Park 
I looked at your recommendation of tour operators, I sent an email to all of them on this subject, but I figure they might not do day tours. I have …

Have you come accross or recommend Mara Gates Safaris? 
Does anyone know more about Mara Gates Safaris in Kenya? I have been in email contact with them for an itinerary for my holiday to Kenya in Augsut. I am …

Buying a plot of land in Mwabungo, Ukunda, Kenya 
I live in England and my boy friend is Kenyan and lives there. I have know him for 16 months and visited Kenya quite a few times. He is wanting to buy …

Wedding Photographer in Nairobi, Kenya? 
I'm getting married in Nairobi in October and need a good wedding photographer. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

Train from Nairobi to Mombasa 
Hi I am planning a visit to Kenya and would like a cheap and reliable way to travel from Nairobi to Mombasa and back. I have seen mention on your website …

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Tax on importing second hand phones in Kenya? 
I would want to know if importing second hand phones from england into Kenya will incur tax and how much tax? Thanks in advance.

Running Races in Kenya 
I would like to run in a 5km road race while visiting Kenya in October. Where would I find information on races going on in Kenya? Thanks for any help. …

Best transport options with small children  
After researching the different options listed on KA it appears that renting a car with a driver is the most convenient and maybe safest way to get around …

Can I get a visa to Kenya from Accra, Ghana? 
I am a Chilean citizen, tryiing to get a visa to Kenya, but I will be in Ghana as a volunteer for 3 months before going to Kenya, so the visa I could get …

Impacts of the acient luo people in Kenya 
I'm looking for information about the impacts of the ancient Luo's on Kenya's social and political system. Many thanks for any information you can give …

Day tour from Nairobi to Mount Kenya 
I would like to know if there exists a one day tour that leaves from Nairobi and visits Mount Kenya? Many thanks in advance.

Liquid restrictions for domestic flights and food restrictions into Kenya. 
Are there any liquid in cabin hold luggage restrictions whilst travelling domestically and can one bring foods such as biscuits, cereal bars and crisps …

Can I wear earrings in Kenya without risk of someone stealing them? 
I hesitate to ask this question out of respect for the majority of Kenyans who would not do this, but someone told me I should not wear any earrings from …

Can we use US dollars in Kenya? 
What is the best way (or the only way) to spend money in Kenya? Can we use American dollars when we visit Kenya? Many t hanks in advance.

Can we see big game animals such as lions in November in Kenya? 
In November we plan to stay in Mombasa by the beach and do a safari from there. Do you think it is possible to see the big five animals such as lions in …

Items from Kenya for school study projecta study? 
My school, P.S. 119, is in Brooklyn, New York. We call our school the Magnet School of Global and Ethical Studies. Every year, each grade studies a different …

Quality hotels in Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi 
I will be working in Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi - are there any quality hotels on the airprt site? Many thanks for your help.

How do you pronouce Nyanya? Does it mean grandmother? 
How do you pronouce the word Nyanya? This is a word that can be used for grandmother instead of the word "bibi", correct? - I don't particulary care for …

Is the company running Serena Lodges also a tour operator in Kenya? 
Was checking out Serena Beach Resort, came across their website which offers full safaris in and around Kenya. That was the first I had heard of the …

Can I get a Kenya visa before I leave the UK? 
Are visas for Kenya only avalailable at the airport or can I pre order it prior to leaving the UK to save time? Thanks in advance.

Why do Keyan woman have to wear long dresses or skirts? 
I'm just wondering, why do Keyan woman have to wear long dresses or skirts? Thanks for your help.

Secure parking at Mombasa railway station or anywhere in Mombasa? 
I will be going to nairobi this sunday by train and would like to leave my car in Mombasa for a period of 4 days. can you suggest a place where I could …

SIM card question for cell phone in Kenya 
If I buy a SIM card for my LG shine phone from Safaricom when I get to Kenya will I be able to receive calls from the US for free and will my phone number …

Kenyan electrical system the same as in USA? Do I need transformer? 
I am going to Kenya, can I use the hair dryer or do I need to purchase a transformer?

Information about AVICO Aviation, Wilson Park, Nairobi 
Dear Friends, We are from India, my son saw an advertisement in a website that M/s AVICO aviation has started business in Kenya at Wilson Airport and wants …

Can I bring medicines to donate to people in Kenya? How much? 
Do the people have access to medicines such as Tylenol? Are they expensive? When I go to Kenya, could I bring some to help the people? Many thanks in advance …

Kenyan shilling notes from 1977 have value? 
A friend gave me 3 bank notes dated 5/1/77 for 5, 10 and 20 shillings. Do they still have value? And can they be exchanged at a US bank? Thank you.

Transport from Wilson to Jomo Kenyatta Airport? 
I am trying to find out how long it takes to travel between Wilson Airport and Jomo Kenyatta airport in Nairobi. I will be arriving at Wilson Airport at …

What type of visa do I need for this trip?  
I will be travelling to Nairobi for a week, then flying on to Kigali for 10 days before returning to Nairobi for a further 2 weeks. Do I need a multiple …

Is adoption possible for expat living in Kenya? 
We are an expat couple living in Kenya and would like to adopt a Kenyan child. We already have one adoptive child from our home country. Does anybody know …

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Smoking guidelines in Kenya? 
I'm wondering, what are the rules for smoking, staying just outside Mombassa and doing a safari also? Thanks in advance for any answers.

Using English electric appliance pubs in Kenya without adaptor? 
I've been told you don't need an adaptor to use english hair dryers etc. as Kenya has three pin sockets. Is this right? Many thanks in advance.

Need to be married to get a work visa in Kenya? 
My boyfrind is from the UK and I am from the UK. Do we need to be married to get a work visa in Kenya?

Best US denomination to exchange to KSH? 
Some sites warn against using $100 bills to exchange for Kenyan Shillings due to concerns in Kenya about counterfeiting. Other sites encourage larger bills …

How do Kenyan tribes say grandmother? 
Could you please tell me the names of some tribes in Kenya and how they say grandmother? Many thanks for your help!

What is the standard duty on an imported car? 
I would like to import a Nissan X-Trail into Kenya. Does anyone know about the costs of import duty, registration and insurance, no accessories included? …

How to arrange adoption by my German husband? 
I'm getting married to a German citizen and I have a 5yrs old son that he wants to adopt. Does anyone know about the procedure or papers needed for this? …

Working as a Kenyan nurse in Canada? 
Hi, my name is Margaret and I am a certified Kenyan nurse. I wanted to further nmy education in Canada and still work in Canada. Is there any institution …

How cheap are things in kenya?  
I just wondered how cheap/expensive things are in Kenya? How much would you expect to pay for a 3 course meal in British Pounds? Is it advisable to …

Driving yourself from Nairobi to Malindi? 
I read that it's unsafe to drive from Malindi to Lamu but what about Nairobi to Malindi? Is it safe and how long will it take? I live in Kisiiland. …

National Park camp guides have cars? 
Hi, Sorry, one more question: Do park guides have their own cars they can take you round in if you hire them for the day? Best regards, …

Visiting the national parks without a car? 
Hi there, I'm off to Kenya this summer, but unfortunately as a student I'm unable to afford the costly exspense of an organized safari. I want …

Taking a computer into Kenya as a gift 
Hi there, I am a New Zealander and I am going to Kenya and was wanting to take a second-hand laptop computer to give to a Kenyan friend as a gift. …

When did the Kisii tribe migrate? 
I'm looking for information on when the Kisii tribe migrated. Any answers will be appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

Is Sunsafari Tours reputable? 
I am planning a trip to Kenya with my adult daughter and I just wanted to know if Sunsafari Tours is a good way to go. They have been very pleasant …

How long to drive from Jomo Kenyatta Airport to Ugandan border? 
Hi we are thinking of hiring a safari car and driving with driver from the airport to Ugandan border and on to Jinja. Has anyone any idea of how …

Where/How do i get street maps for Nairobi and Mombasa? 
Dear Volunteers, Greetings and well wishes to you. Can you please tell me where and/or how i could obtain a street map of Nairobi and of Mombasa? …

Cost of typical Kenyan wedding? 
Does anyone know much a typical kenyan wedding costs? I only need to know a rough estimate at this time. Thanks in advance.

Impact of illiteracy in Kenya? 
In May and June 2011, I will be going on a missions trip to Kenya, and I am doing a research reports on East African and Swahili speaking countries. …

How do Kenyan women refer to themselves?  
Do women of Kenya have a specific title that they refer to themselves? For example, Kenya Tribal Member? Kenyan Woman? Thanks for any answers. …

Any facility to rest at Nairobi international airport? 
My connecting flight in Jomo Kenyatta international airport in Kenya is after 10 hours. I was wondering, is there any facility to rest at JKIA? …

Average Kenyan shopping list 
I am hoping to do a presentation for my school on Kenya focusing on Kenyan food and how the average Kenyan would spend per week on food. However I …

Luggage allowance on flights from Wilson airport to Masai mara? 
Can anyone tell me the luggage allowance for this type of flight? Are you also only allowed sort cases/bags? Many thanks.

TV Station Addresses in Kenya 
I am not having any joy in finding TV Station addresses. Can you please help with this? I'm also looking for radio stations addresses. Many …

Title of song used in chorus music? 
I'm looking for the title of a certain song from Kenya. The name of the song is some thing like ningwinggeta. Some of the lyrics are: duki akuro …

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Impact of the Maasai's animals on the Maasai land? 
We have just returned from our holiday in the Masai Mara and the plains were green and lush ready for the great migration. But the Maasai land …

Pictures of a typical home in Kenya?  
My son's class is doing a report on different countries. His is Kenya. I am looking for any help on what a typical house would look like because we …

How to get Kenya materials for school presentation? 
I need items to show my junior class that pertain to or represent Kenya (coins, money, a newspaper, posters, jewelery, clothing, postage stamp, flag, …

Can I export my car without tax? 
I have a Permit Resident investment Visa. Can I bring my car into Kenya from home without paying tax? I have started business in Kenya.

Will a German mobile phone work in Kenya? 
Can I buy a mobile phone in Germany which also works in Kenya? Can I buy just any phone or do I have to have a specific one? Many thanks.

How long from Wilson Airport to Jomo Kenyata Airport? 
I need to know the following: How many minutes it takes to get by car from Wilson Airport to Jomo Kenyatta airport in Nairobi, Kenya? Many …

Homes of the Masai and other Kenyan people? 
We are researching Kenya for a third grade school project. One of the topics is what houses the Masai and other people in Kenya live in. Could …

Origin of the Swazi People? 
Is it true that the Dlamini clan in present-day Swaziland originated from the Embu region in Kenya and migrated south towards Maputo? I am interested …

Tax on religious reading materials like books? 
I would like to import christians books and Bibles into Kenya. Do you know if they are taxed? Thanks for your answers...

Most popular football sites in Kenya? 
I just wanted to know which football sites are the most popular in Kenya. Many thanks for your answers.

Can we adopt a baby girl in Kenya?  
We are a couple living in Langata area within Nairobi, Kenya. We have had 4 miscarriages and resolved to adopt since we desire to bring up and …

Where can one learn the Meru language? 
I'm wondering where can one learn the Meru luaguage? Would be happy with any tips.

Deliveries to PO Boxes only in Kenya? 
Hi - Do all addresses in Kenya have a post box address only? Will there be a door or a street number in addresses? Thanks for your help.

Hospitals records in Kenya 
Would like to see hospital births for 1958 through 1965. Does anybody have an idea where I could see them? Many thanks.

Tribe in Kenya called asabes? 
Have you ever heard of a tribe called Asabes in Kenya? If so, ow many of them are there? Are they located near Lake Tanganyka?

Map of the generic tribal boundaries in Kenya? 
I am looking for a map of the Kenya tribal boundaries. Do you have any? Many thanks in advance for your help.

Guide to land prices in Kenya 
So, looking to buy my own bit of paradise in Kenya as an investment for the future. I have a pretty good handle on the legal aspects of the purchase, …

ATMs at Jomo Kenyatta International airport in Kenya? 
I need to access an ATM (automatic teller machine) on arrival at Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi, Kenya. Can you please tell me if there is one? …

Best footwear for Kenya safari? 
What footwear would be most suitable on a safari in Kenya? I don't think there will be much walking as it is an organised safari. Many thanks in …

What would $200 do for a family in Kenya? 
If I sent a family in Kenya 200 US dollars, what would this do for them. Let's say they work the fields. Could this send their daughter to …

Job oppertunities for Kenyans (in Kenya!)  
An agency organising weddings in Kenya is looking for (qualified) wedding planners. (Not wedding planner agencies, but those who have obtained a certificate …

How many people in Kenya speak English, how many Swahili? 
For a project, I am researching Kenya language percentages. I'm wondering how many percent of the people in Kenya speak English, and how many percent …

What is Kenya's Literacy Rate? 
How many people can read and write in Kenya? Thanks for your help.

Bofa Beach at Kilifi in Kenya 
Having read Arjen's article about the best beaches on the Kenya Coast, I wondered why there was no mention of Bofa Beach at Kilifi? Many people …

Flight from Nairobit to Kericho 
I need to fly from nairobi to Kericho. Can this be done, and if so, how? Many thanks in advance.

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Decreasing Species in Kenya? 
I wanted to know that why have different species in kenya been decreasing due to the destruction of habitats, expansion of cities, pollution, deforestation,global …

Turn over tax in Kenya? 
In the Kenyan taxation system, we have tax regime called Turn over Tax. What is this? I only know VAT. I have no idea and am an interested …

What clothes to wear in Kenya? 
I would like to know which clothes I best wear in Kenya when I go there? Many thanks.

Mortality Figures from Kenya? 
Hi, I'd like to know what the crude births rate and the crude deaths rate suggest about population growth? Many thanks.

Shipping books to Kenya? 
Hi, my friend from Canada would like to send books to a publuic shool in Kwale (Kenya). What is the procedure and can she be exempeed from tax …

Who influenced Jomo Kenyatta? 
I can't find the answer to the question who influenced Jomo Kenyatta anywhere. Does anyone know the answer? Thnx for your help.

Finding workers from Kenya? 
I am trying to find good quality workers from Kenya. One family driver, & two domestic helpers. What are the top manpower agencies in Kenya? How …

Who are Kenya's allies? 
Which countries specifically can be called Kenya's allies? And why is this so? Many thanks for your answers.

Hotels and clubs around Lake Naivasha? 
I'm planning a weekend vacation in Lake Naivasha region - does anyone have any hotel tips? I'm also celebrating my birthday with friends so any …

Baggage allowance on domestic Kenya Airways flight? 
Can you take 15kg of hold luggage and your hand luggage on a Kenya Airways domestic flight from Nairobi to Mombassa? Or does the 15khg include …

Paying taxes as a foreign worker in Kenya? 
Do you pay tax as a South African if you work on contract in Kenya? I'm enquiring for a person who will work on a contract in Kenya and will get …

How to reserve sleep n shower in Jomo Kenyatta Airport? 
I've heard that there is s sleep n shower facility in Jomo Kenyatta, Intl for passengers in transit. But I can't find details anywhere on how to …

Taking money out of the country? 
How much money (Kenyan Shillings) can you take out of Kenya? Several websites say that you can't take ANY Kenyan Shillings out of the country when …

Hunger in Ukambani, Kenya? 
I would like to know more about the food situation in Ukambani in Kenya. Who can tell me some more? Many thanks.

Swimming in the ocean in Mombasa in May?  
I wanted to know how warm the water is at the Mombasa coast in May. Can you swim in the ocean then? Many thanks for your answers.

How to send packages to a Samburu village? 
We just got back from Kenya and after visiting a Samburu village, we would like to send pens, chalk etc for their school. How do we get things …

Drive-yourself safari in Kenya? 
The wife and I plan on visiting Kenya and will be renting a vehicle to drive to Tanzania. On our way through, we would like to visit some national …

Main agricultural crops in Kenya? 
Which crops are grown mostly in Kenyan farming? I have to know for a study. Many thanks!

Hiring practices in Kenya? 
I would like to know more about the way hiring is done in Kenya. Thanks in advance.

Home swap or 2-3 month let? 
Hi. My family (two adults, one 7 year old) are travelling round East and Southern Africa in 2011. We want to spend a few months in Kenya (I was born …

What do people in Kenya eat? 
I'm wondering what typical food and drink is of the people in Kenya?

Bus connection between Nairobi and Isiolo? 
I am a student at an American University. I intend to travel to Kenya this summer, arriving in Nairobi at the end of June. After a few days in …

Economic impact of tourism in Kenya  
I'm wondering if could you provide the positive and negative side of the economic impact of tourism in Kenya?

Legally accepted forms of marriage in Kenya 
I'm wondering what the legally accepted forms of marriage are in Kenya? (Monogamy, gay marriage, polygyny, polyandry, etc.) Many thanks.

What is Swahili for "Excellency"? 
What is Swahili for how a monarch would be addressed, i.e., "Your Excellency"? Thanks for your help.

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Limit of number of tourist visits per year on same passport? 
So, considering "popping" into Kenya for a brief break on my return leg from a business trip to India next month. This will be my third viist in …

Visa for Lebanese passport holder living in europe? 
Can a Lebanese passport holder living in Europe get a tourist visa in Kenyan airport? Thank you in advance.

Introducing yourself in Masai language? 
I'm wondering how you say "my name is" in the Maasai language? Thanks very much.

Recent accomplishments in Kenya? 
I'm wondering what are things that Kenya has accomplished recently? If possible, please answer the who, what, where, when and why.

Are tribes in Kenya still fighting? 
If you look at the numbers of tribes that are found in Kenya. Do they still fight like they used to do before?

Meaning of ildoinyo lolkisorian in Masai language? 
What does the phrase "ildoinyo lolkisorian" mean? It is a Maasai word.

What is Kenyan family life like? 
I'd like to know something more about family life in Kenya. What do they do on the weekends? Is their a time when the whole family gets together? …

Poisonous insects and snakes in Kenya? 
I'm wondering which of the major insects and snakes in Kenya are poisonous? Thanks for your answers.

Why Kenya established its own central bank? 
I'm really interested to know more about my country and the banking system.

Pilot training course in Kenya? 
I am searching for a pilot training course. I was told such a service is available at Wilson Airport? How can I get in touch? How can I be helped …

What does a bottle of water cost at Nairobi Airport? 
Would just like a general idea of what a bottle of water would cost in Kenya?

Can you get married on the beach in Kenya? 
I have been to a travel agents today to price up my dream wedding in Kenya (Diani Beach) and they have advised that I cannot get married actually on …

Future of Kenyan newspapers? 
If we look at the recent advancements in the publishing industry, then what would be the future of newspapers in Kenya?

Cheap air tickets to Kenya? 
I would like to travel in August to Kenya, when is the best time to book my air tickets?

Best paying jobs in the Kenyan IT sector? 
Wondering where one can best work inside the IT sector in Kenya?

Contacts to TV stations in Kenya 
I'm a film producer and Director in Nigeria! Just of recent I finished a film series based on the challenge of raising up a child in this debased world. …

Interesting landmarks from Kenya? 
I need a list of 7 interesting landmarks in Kenya. It is for a school project. Thank you very much.

Flight from Canada to Nairobi - How Much? 
How much money do we have to pay for a ticket for one person to get to Nairobi from Canada? Many thanks for your help.

How big is Kenya? 
I'd like to know how much square miles or kilometers Kenya is?

Highest temperature in Kenya? 
I'm wondering what the highest temperature in Kenya is? When measured in centigrades?

Best tour or activity in Mombasa, Kenya 
What is in your personal opinion the best tour or activity to experience in Mombasa, Kenya? I would like to use your reaction in an article for …

What is the poorest place in Kenya? 
I need to find out what the poorest place in Kenya is... I need to write a story about this. Could you please help me?

How are children raised in Kenyan culture? 
I'm wondering, how do the people in the Kenya raise their children? What are the ideas and what is the practice around the raising of kids in Kenya? …

Is Musa a Kenyan name? 
Can you tell me if Musa is a male Kenya name? Many thanks.

How big is Masai Mara? 
I'm wondering how big Masai Mara national reserve is? Is it doable to take 8 and 9 years old kids there?

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Left luggage at Wilson Aiport? 
Can we leave one rigid backed suitcase at Wilson aiport while we go on safari for 4 nights? We would then pick this up again following the safari. …

Weather in May in Nairobi and Mombasa ? 
We are planning to visit Kenya in the first week of May with kids so we need info about weather condition. We want to go to Sweet Water national …

Cost of travel to Kenya? 
I want to go to Kenya. I'm wondering how much does that cost from the United States?

Saying hello in Kenyan language? 
How do you say hello to a person in the Kenyan language? Many thanks!

Media contact database in Kenya? 
I am looking to send out a press release to the Kenyan media but I do not have a list on contact details. Where can I buy one from? Many thanks, …

What tribe does Tsuma come from? 
I'm trying to find out what tribe my biological father Godfrey Tsuma belonged to... Because I never met him personally and I'm curious about who …

Direct snorkelling from Kenya beach? 
Can anyone please tell me where in Kenya there's direct access to the reefs from the beach if you use a snorkel? Many thanks.

Appropriate ladies evening wear in Kenya? 
We will be staying at the Turtle Beach just outside Mombasa. I need to know what type of evening wear for ladies is appropriate? Most of my …

Laws on drug use in Kenya? 
I'm looking for information on the laws gorverning drug use and drug therapy in Kenya. Thanks for your help.

Charter flights from Wilson to Lewa Downs? 
How can I find out about possible charter flights from Wilson Airport Nairobi to Lewa Downs? Many thanks for your help.

Music in the wildebeest migration video? 
I have heard that beautiful song in the wildebeest migration video at the homepage before. But cannot remember in which CD. …

Consequences of Kenya's geography? 
I'd like to know how the geography of Kenya affected the Kenyan people and their daily lifes? Many thanks in advance.

Information on Kenyan African masks? 
I'm looking for some basic information on Kenyan African masks. What are they for, who wears them and why? Many thanks.

Distance from Mombasa to Eldoret? 
I would like to know how many miles is it from Mombasa to Eldoret? Many thanks for your help.

Pub and Grill in Kenya? 
I'd like to know whether or not Kenyan people would decline a Pub & Grill South African style? Would they like it?

Bureaucracy in Kenya and Africa? 
Can you explain something to me about the problem of bureacracy in Kenya and Africa as a whole? Many thanks for your time.

Niolet communities in Kenya? 
I'm looking for information on Niolet communities in Kenya. Can you please name any three Niolet communities?

Famous young music artists in Kenya? 
I'm looking for information on well-known young music stars from Kenya. Can you mention any?

Cost of wedding planner in Kenya? 
Approximately how much would a wedding planner in Kenya charge for organising a whole wedding, and what does this include? I was specifically thinking …

Sources of government revenue in Kenya? 
What are the sources of revenue for the Kenyan government? Please include the definition of government revenue in trying to address the major sources …

How long does mail take to reach USA? 
I'm wondering how many days does it take for a normal letter from Kenya to reach Hawaii in the USA? Many thanks.

Internet access in Kenya? 
I'm wondering what percent of the Kenyan population has internet access in Kenya? Thanks for your information.

Popular names in Kenya for boys and girls? 
We currently study Kenya. I need to find out what popular boy and girl names in Kenya are for my students. Many thanks.

Why do the Maasai live traditionally?  
I am curious to know why the Maasai people choose to live their traditional life styles? Instead of changing to more Western life styles like the …

Is there a Malaria risk on route from Nairobi to Mt Kenya? 
My family is due to travel to Kenya for a wedding in a few weeks. We will mainly be staying in Nairobi. Only half of us who are going to the Masai …

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Clothing on the beach in Kenya? 
What should I best wear on the beach in Kenya? I have heard many stories about hook worms and various other creatures in the sand. So I just wanted …

Similarities between Kikuyu, Luhya, Luo and Kalenjin? 
I'm wondering, what are some similarities between the Kikuyu, Luhya, Luo, and Kalenjin tribes in Kenya? Many thanks.

How has the climate changed over 50 years? 
I am doing a project for school. I am wondering how climate change is effecting Kenya. If you have any data or statistics, please let me know. …

Meaning of Yadi in Kenyan language? 
My sister worked in Kenya. I would like to know what she means when she says "Yadin"? Many thanks in advance.

Means of transportation in Kenya? 
What means of transportation can people use in Kenya? Both to move accross regions and accross the country?

Kenya before colonization? 
What did Kenya look like before it was colonized? Many thanks.

Quality of education in Kenya? 
I'm wondering what is the quality of education in Kenya like? Any info is appreciated.

Greetings in Masai language 
I'm wondering how to greet the Masai in their language. How to say hello to them? Many thanks.

Mortality rate among the Turkana tribe 
I would like to know the mortality rate of the Turkana tribe in Kenya. Can you help me with this information? Thanks.

Christians in the Turkana tribe? 
We have a research in our class about kenya people. And we are asked to research about how many christians there are in the Turkana tribe. Thanks …

Kenyan hotel for disabled travellers? 
Can anyone recommend hotels in Kenya that can take disabled travellers? We'd like to go on a holiday there but one person coming with us is in …

English words that offend Kenyans? 
Is there a chance of an American accidentally offending a Kenyan? Are there, for example, any common specific English words that may have vulgar …

Agricultural crops in Kenya? 
I'm wondering which agricultral crops are mainly grown in Kenya? Any info is appreciated.

Somali tribes in Kenya? 
I'm wondering how many Somali tribes there are in Kenya? Many thanks for your help.

Shopping online from Nairobi tourist shop 
Hello, I live in Melbourne, Australia. I would like to buy Kenyan things, for example bead items, Massai items, batiks. I would like to find a …

Masai government system? 
I am doing a geography project. For this I need to know more about the government system of the Masai in Kenya. Thanks very much for your help. …

How many National Parks in Kenya? 
I'm wondering how many national parks are there alltogether in Kenya? Many thanks.

What does umbobo mean? 
Does anybody know what umbobo means in Kenya? Am I right that it refers to a large cat? Many thanks.

Buying shares in the Nairobi stock exchange? 
How can people buy shares in the Nairobi stock exchange? Is it a must for one to be over 18 years?

Provision of meals by employers and taxes 
I'm wondering: what is the tax implication for employees in Kenya who earn more than ksh 352,792 per year and who are provided with meals by the employer? …

Girl scouts in Kenya? 
We are working on a thinking day project and would like to find out about girl scouts in Kenya. What do their uniforms look like, what are some …

Finances in Kenya's government? 
I'm looking for information how finances are shared and controlled between the units of government. Who is raising taxes and how are these revenues …

Famous buildings in Kenya? 
I'm wondering what Kenya's famous buildings are? And what are buildings in Kenya made of? Many thanks for your help.

How to transfer from NBO to WIL 
I'd like to know how to transfer between arriving on KL or KQ at NBO international and continuing on from WIlson Airport in Nairobi for a domestic …

Where to find the 2008 KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secundary Education) results 
I'm looking for a breakdown of the KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secundary Education) results for 2008. Any tips are welcome.

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What is Genet Air Limited? 
Can anyone tell me what Genet Air Limited is? Many thanks.

How much tax for importing car into Kenya? 
Does anyknow how much tax it will cost me to directly import a car valued at US$600 from Japan into Kenya - to the moment I'm driving on Kenyan roads? …

Becoming a professional wedding planner? 
My name is Emily Kemunto. I currently reside in a small town in the Rift Valley called Nakuru. I just turned twenty and am a second year student doing …

Meaning of "Kaleb" in Swahili? 
I would like to know the meaning of the name of my friend in Swahili. His name is Kaleb. Thanks in advance for your help.

Important dates for the Luo 
What are the top ten most important dates for the Luo tribe of Kenya? Thanks in advance for your help.

Driving from Masai Mara to Amboseli 
Can I ask what is the road distance between Masai Mara and Amboseli and how long is the drive? I want to do a safari in Masai Mara and then transfer …

Are marriages in Kenya arranged or not? 
I would like to know if there is a rule regarding arranged marriages in Kenya. Do most Kenyans get to choose their own marriage partner or not? …

What do Kenyans do for a living? 
I'm wondering what Kenyans typically do for a living? What kind of jobs do they have? Many thanks for any info you may have.

Kenyan economy doing well? 
I'm wondering if the Kenyan economy is on the right path? Any information is appreciated.

Entering Kenya twice with Single Journey Visa? 
Dear Sir/Madam, I have a single journey visa for Kenya and also a single journey visa for Tanzania. The question I have is as follows. I travel …

Bringing food (Haggis) into Kenya? 
Can small gift of Haggis for consumption by friend be brought into Kenya by visitors arriving in Nairobi from Scotland? We discussed the Scottish …

What days is the Masai Market in Nairobi open?  
I need to be in Nairobi to go to Masai Market or the market at Village Center or at YaYa. Can you please tell me whhat days the market is and where? …

Contact for Africa Samachar Newspaper 
I am trying to get access to some back issues (1950-1970) of this newspaper. Any contacts would be useful. Thank you.

Dating a Kenyan man in the States? 
I just met a 34 year old Kenyan man on the internet and he wants to go out on a date. What should I look for on the date? Are there any taboos …

Apartment for sale by banks 
I would like to get a listing of block apartments for sale by banks and owners. Preferably liquidated or foreclosed. Where could I get them?

Get visa for Kenya on arrival? 
I am a Yemeni passport holder. Can I get a visa for Kenya on arrival or should I apply for it before travel? Thanks for your advice.

Road distances between Mombasa and other Kenyan cities 
I'm looking for the road distances between Mombasa and the follwing cities in terms of mileage and driving time: Nairobi, Ruiru, Machakos, Nakura, …

How to open a Simba account 
Can you please tell me something about a Simba account... ...and how to open it? Many thanks in advance.

Cost of food in Kenya 
I'm wondering how much food costs in Kenya, specifically groceries and restaurant meals, compared to Britain? Many thanks.

Date for Wilson Air Show in 2010? 
Each year there's an air show in Nairobi at Wilson Airport. It's one of the biggest air shows of East Africa. Is the date for the 2010 show …

What do Kenyans wear for festivals? 
What clothes do Kenyans wear when there are festivals, national celebrations, or other festivities in Kenya? Thanks for the info.

What are typical things to buy in Kenya 
I am traveling to Mombasa soon. I would like to buy some souvenirs. Just to have an idea of what to expect, what are typical things to buy …

Where to get a student loan? 
I am a 23 year old having a diploma in pharmacy. I would like to attend another course at KIM for human resourse management but I don't have enough …

Hair dryers on safari in Kenya? 
Do you know if there's provision for using hairdryers in safari lodges in Kenya? Thanks for your help.

Stadium of Kenya's national cricket team? 
I'm wondering what the name of the stadium is of Kenya's national cricket team? Many thanks for your help.

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Death rituals of the Luhya tribe? 
I'm wondering how the Luhya tribe honour their dead? Especially from the moment of death to memorial ceremonies. The same question about the …

How much does high school in Kenya cost? 
I understand primary school in Kenya is free. However, high school is not. My question is: How much does high school in Kenya cost in U.S. Dollars? …

Food of the Kamba tribe? 
I'm wondering what kind of food the Kamba tribe from kenya eats. Many thanks for any info you can provide.

Birthday Celebrations in Kenya? 
I'm wondering how people in Kenya celebrate their birthdays? Any information would be welcome. Many thanks in advance.

Are all Africans poor? 
I'm wondering if all people in Africa are poor? Or isn't this the case? Any information would be welcome. Many thanks.

Transport strike in Kenya? 
Was there any transport strike in Kenya recently? We're asking because we are awaiting a parcel from Nairobi... Thanks in advance.

Kenya's national animal? 
Is there a national animal in Kenya? If so, which one? Many thanks for your help!

Information about Bungoma in Western Kenya 
I'm looking for some knowledge about this place: 1. How can I access the town? 2. How's the climate condition? 3. What kind of beliefs do people …

Duties of Kenyan employers regarding pay 
I'm wondering, what are the duties and obligations of an employer in Kenya regarding payment of their employees? Can they decide not to pay their …

Pink milk - mixing milk with blood in Kenya 
I'm writing a paper about Kenya, and I suspect about "pink milk". Do you know? My friend told me that in Kenya, milk is mixed with human blood. …

Popular sports in Kenya? 
I know long distance running and football (soccer) are popular in Kenya. But what are the other popular sports in Kenya? Many thanks for your …

Why are the animals called the Big Five 
If you go on a safari in Kenya, people talk about seeing the Big Five: Leopards, Lions Elephants, Rhinos and Buffalos. Why are they called the …

What's the Maasai Word for Grandmother? 
My mom wants to be called grandmother in the Maasai language. But we cannot remember what it is... Does anybody know?

Important People in Kenya's Tribes? 
I'm looking for information on important people from Kenya's tribes. Like a leader, warrior, military person, president or inventor, and from which …

Need visa to visit Kenya? 
I am Cambodian and I'm living in Belgium. I want to visit Kenya for a week. Do I need to apply visa before hand or what else?

Looking for NBO terminal map  
Some friends who are not confident travellers are looking to travel from Heathrow to Kilimanjaro via Nairobi on Kenyan Airways. Their main fear is …

Finding a job in Kenya? 
I am wondering if anyone knows how to find a job in Kenya from abroad. I live in Australia and I would like to experience Kenya as well as work …

Nice restaurants in Nairobi? 
What are the best restaurants in Nairobi? I like restaurants where you can sit for an hour, watch people, read a book, etc. Any tips? Thanks …

How is Kenya's tourism sector doing 
Tourism to Kenya went down after the post-election violence in early 2008. And perhaps the global economic crisis in 2009 does not help Kenya tourism …

National holidays in Kenya? 
I'm wondering what the national holidays in Kenya are? Do they recognize the big Christian holidays that are also observed in the US (like Christmas, …

Immigration Laws in the New Constitution 
I am Kenyan and I intend to get married to a British national in a few months time. I would like to know what new immigration laws are applicable either …

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