Pilau and fried chicken

by Anne Mwaganu
(Nairobi, Kenya)

Boil the rice, sieve the water after it's nicely cooked. Fry the rice with onions and green pepper, add pilau masala and some royco to add the flavour. Fry the rice until its brown in colour then add some salt to taste.

Boil the chicken for a few minutes, sieve the water and put cooking fat fry the chicken until its brown in colour then add tomatoes and green pepper let then cook nicely add some salt and royco and chicken masala to taste.

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by: Anonymous

so u boil the rice by itself first til its cooked and then u fry it?

by: Archie [Moderator]

I am lost - I am a poor cook - Ok girlies now tht you have fluffed each other up with pilau rice and things you have to think of us men.

What is Royco?

Anne please explain for the rest of the world so that we can enjoy. Thanks.

Smiling and ask Webmaster to put your recipe online so that we can all enjoy it.



ps - Arjen, do we need a name for this recipe? Royco Anna Rice sounds good to me

Love Pilau
by: Cassandra Marie

I love pilau! It was fav dish when I was in Nakuru last month. It is also something I can make back here in the state when I start to miss Kenya. Thanks for paosting!

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