Pictures of Kenya People

Have a look at these pictures of Kenya people: top images made by the best photographers of both traditional and modern Kenya. At the bottom of this page are links to the other pages with pictures of Kenya people at this website.

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samburu warriors, kenya

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Above: Traditional Kenya: two warriors of the Samburu tribe. The Samburu, Turkana and Masai are among the tribes who have by and large kept their traditional way of living.

nairobi, moi avenue, kenya

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Above: Modern Kenya: most Kenyans have adopted more or less Western lifestyles. This goed especially for the Kikuyu (the biggest tribe which dominates Kenyan politics and business), the Luo and the Luhya. This is Moi Avenue in the city centre of Nairobi.

mother carrying baby basket, mombasa, kenya

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Above: Mombasa – a woman carrying her baby and a basket.

ritual dance, masai warriors, rift valley, kenya

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Above: Members of the Masai tribe involved in a ritual dance, in the Rift Valley.

samburu warrior, kenya

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Above: A young Samburu warrior. The Samburu and Masai tribes are closely related. Their language – which is the main criterium to distinghuish tribes and groups of tribes from each other – is 95 percent the same.

turkana woman weaving, lake turkana, kenya

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Above: A woman of the Turkana tribe is weaving, in the Lake Turkana area.

muslim woman, lamu, kenya

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Above: In the coast region, about a third of the population is Muslim. This is because of the trade, since the 9th century on, with the Arabs across the Indian Ocean. Here you see a Muslim woman on the island of Lamu.

school girls, nairobi, kenya

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Above: Kenyan girls attending Sunday school in Nairobi. Kenyans are very religious people. The big majority of them are Christians, although most combine this with more traditional beliefs.

school children, mombasa, kenya

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Above: School children in Mombasa, Kenya’s second city at the coast.

school children playing football or soccer, west kenya

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Above: Children in school uniforms playing soccer in West Kenya. Soccer is very serious business in Kenya. During important soccer games, streets are deserted. The many without a television watch the game in a pub.

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