Pay of an average journalist in Kenya

by Emmanuel

I´m wondering how much an average journalist in Kenya would be making. Thanks very much in advance.

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Jul 07, 2015
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Feb 13, 2015
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by: Fransis

I think the Government in Kenya is not interested in promoting journalism. The overall wages for the employs in Carlos Falchi handbags Kenya is less when compared to other countries. Farming and coffee cultivation is the main income source there.

Jun 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

m doin journalism here in germny n am just scared of coming bak 2 kenia n work tho tht has always been ma dream.nothin puts me off like the low wages a journalist is paid,don knw if thats true o nt.don knw if studyin here n comin bak 2 kenia 2 work will still better ma life cz m sure even if i stay here i cn stil secure a v good job opptnty,bt i don wan spent all ma life in the diaspora

Aug 12, 2010
Average Journalist?
by: Archie [Moderator]


Thankyou for your question and please do not be put off your chosen path by my answer.

I guess you have to have some formal qualifications from college or university before you think about being a journalist. Writing articles or reporting for your local newspaper [is their one?] would be the first place to start.

I think that my 3 x A's are a good place to start

Be aware of any interesting news story in your area. Go searching and always be ready for the unexpected.

If you have the aptitude to write in the format that will grab reader's attentions then keep on practising. Always remember to have verification from a 3rd party of what you are reporting.

For every article you write then by the law of journalistic averages most of them will not make it. However if you persevere then I am sureone day you will make it.

As for pay? I have no idea at all. I am not sure whether journalists in the outlying areas of Kenya are paid salaries or just by submissions. Can anyone else help here?

Best wishes to you


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