Nairobi Wilson Airport

While Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is the major airport in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi Wilson Airport is used for flights within Kenya or to neighboring countries.

The location of the Nairobi Wilson Airport is very handy for anyone who is staying in or travelling through Nairobi. It's just 2km south of the city, very close to the Nairobi National park. Grab a cab and you can be at your hotel in minutes.


Domestic airlines like Air Kenya, Aero Kenya and Safarilink use Nairobi Wilson Airport for flights around Kenya, usually for tourism. Since Kenyan roads are usually terrible, flying is often the only way to get around the country without losing whole days.

Through domestic flights, destinations like the Masai Mara, Mombasa, Kilimanjaro, Amboseli, Eldoret and Lamu are all just a short flight away.

The best (actually the only) place where you can compare rates of these domestic Kenyan air carriers, is this page at the Africapoint site. They offer most air carriers and should be able to get you a good deal.

Services and Amenities

Though there are passenger and charter services at Nairobi Wilson Aiport, the facilities are not geared for the large-scale tourism. There is no main terminal to the airport. There are various passenger facilities all through the grounds of the airport, usually one for each airline or charter operator that runs out of Wilson. There are plans for a central terminal, but be prepared for a little confusion upon arrival if you're not used to having to find your own way around.

If you are going to be taking a flight into or out of Wilson Airport, ask your airline or tour group where their buildings are located before you make your trip.

Airport History

The airport was originally called the Nairobi Aerodrome, and had just two runways back in 1933. Air mail service was the main use for the airport, and passenger services didn't start until after WWII in 1944. The name was changed to Wilson Airport in 1962 after Florence Kerr Wilson who founded one of the first airlines in Kenya, Wilson Airways.

Major runway development took place in 1997 as the airport continues to be a busy airline hub for smaller airlines and light aircraft.

Nairobi International Airshow

One of the unique features of Wilson Airport is that it hosts the annual Nairobi International Airshow. The show features aircraft formation flying, bombing fly-bys, helicopters, and skydiving performances, as well as entertainment on the ground. Displays of aircraft on the ground let you see the planes up close. In 2007, the show also held the first Kenyan Aviation Career Day, for interested people to learn more about working in the aviation field.

Nairobi Wilson Airport isn’t a fancy or modern facility, but it’s practical and can be a useful jumping-off point in your travels around Kenya.

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