Mare Sure Your Hotel Rating Is Correct

by Rarm
(Essex, England)

Having been to Kenya on several visits, both on business and holiday, enjoying both and realising Kenya has both good and bad, our last trip has enlightend us to how the tourism industry works to allow corruption and is even now endorsing it by lowering its levels of security.

This most reccent trip we travelled with a alledged reuptable company, based both in Kenya and the UK.

So we expected what the brochure and the booking agent said, as they were the same.

Unfortunately the brochure pictures did not reflect the current state or poor delapted state of the hotel.

Also, the booking agent claimed that the hotel was a 4-star when the company had its own rating which was overrated. In fact, the hotel was really only a 2-star.

The staff tried to accomodate guests but could not help but to advise guests of there plight as having not been paid by the hotel for months.

The poor state of repair of the premises and two breakins by staff reflected how poor the resort was.

Kenya may suffer shortages, but this hotel suffered even the inability to maintain a constant supply of drinking water for guests.

So if you are going to go to Kenya, make sure the hotel is a member of the Kenya Hotel Association as then the ministry of tourism can review the rating of the hotel.

Unfortunately, this will not help with the corruption that exists between hotels and the tourist police, who will do little to resolve breakins or theft of tourist's property.

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Always do your research
by: Arjen Koopman

Hi Rarm, I'm sorry to hear about your negative experiences. You're right: always do your research before booking a hotel or tour operator. Luckily, with the internet these days it's much easier to do that. I hope you have better luck next time. There are enough good Kenyan tour operators that can be trusted - go with them and leave the bad ones aside.

Hotel Ratings
by: Archie

I read with interest your experiences with your stay in Kenya. I do know that hotel ratings can differ around the world and what we hope for is not always the same as what we get. I am sure Arjen [site owner] will agree with me. For sure Kenya is in a time of change when it comes to tourism and this year 2009 is already booked out. My own travels have bypassed the major companies and I have dealt with the local travel/tourist businesses who have bent over backwards to make sure that my stay in Kenya was all that I hoped for. Yes it takes a little more work on the web but I can assure you its worth it.

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