Many Adventures in Kenya

by Irene
(The Netherlands)

I came to Kenya for the first time in 1994... it has changed my life completely. Since then Kenya has become part of my life... imagine now 17 years long. I have been travelling to Kenya many times. Some of my visits were longer than just weeks, they took months.

In 2002 I founded an orphanage in Nairobi which is now located in Kikambala (Lioness Cubs Orphanage). In 2002 I also started a travel agency to share my own experiences in tourism after I worked as a tour leader in Kenya.

Now Iam busy organising weddings in Kenya and sending volunteers to Kenya to several projects to help and support schools, orphanages and clinics. I have many experiences in Kenya which I have even written down to publish as a book.

However some of the experiences I had, I would like to share with you here. One time I was in Voi Safari lodge in Tsavo East, when I was watching the lions down in the savannah. There was a lion after a lioness all day long... Lions are always really interesting to look at... So I sat there for some time and all sudden I was thinking of what if one of the lionesses will come up here, what will I do? At the same time I felt something... and moved my head to the right side of where I was seated... and believe it or not, a lioness came quite close to where I was and my heart made a jump... of fear of course. Cause the way to my room was exactly there where the lioness was walking... So I just sat quiet and thank God the lioness walked back into the bush...

And what about an elephant destroying a tree at night next to your tent? It happened in the Masai Mara in Governors... I woke up cause of the noise... and I could not sleep anymore after... You hear this incredible noise of breaking the tree in pieces... A guard walking up and down with his boots... I just sat there on my bed and waited till the morning hours... I later saw the big bull at the camp...

I had many memorable moments in Kenya... never to forget... scary... adventurous... romantic....

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keep up the spirit
by: edith

hallo to from kenya my name is i live in germany with my family.
am so happy to read about experiences,you people get in kenya.some of them are very funny,was laughing when i read them.
keep up the spirit,irene for yo projects in kenya.
where are they located?would like to visit when i go to
have been here in germany but i always miss home because east or west home is the best
kenya....i love my country..

Your Adventures in Kenya
by: Chris - A child of Kenya

This is an excellent post Irene and I am sure many people will read it again and again just as I did. I lived at Kikambala for some time in the 1950's, I learned to swim there when I was just 3 years old.
A dear friend of mine who I grew up with - Anne Taylor, lives at Kilifi ( and you may have met her. Anne arranges accommodation for people who want to stay there or visit Lions Bluff Lodge in Tsavo West. Like me she is passionate about Kenya and the preservation of the wild animals. She has lived in Kenya all her life.
Keep up the good work Irene

by: Denise

Enjoyed reading your post! I was just in Kenya in Jan with my family and we loved Kenya!We were volunteers at an orphanage called Jamaii. I have since been in contact with a gal from Wales who is moving to Kenya next week to open a home for approx. 20 children. Please check out Project Zoe on facebook or her web site. ( can volunteer at the home and enjoy an unbelievable experience that will change your life!

Lioness breathing down your neck
by: Arjen (webmaster)

Hi Irene,

Great to read this story. I'm interested to read your book once it is published. I know you really love Kenya and that your time in Kenya hasn't always been easy. I wish you the best of luck with the orphanage and the volunteers service you are now setting up.

Warmest regards,
Arjen Koopman

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