Lucky to be alive and going back to Kenya soon

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We all lived - my seat

We all lived - my seat

We were travelling from south to Nairobi. We were 20klm north of Kisii AND we had a crash. If you're around, watch the tractors at night travelling 5KPH and with no lights or reflectors - you will not see a thing on the main highway.

Anyway, apart from the crash the trip was great and we are all fine. Hospital and all there employees, we like to thank very very much, they looked after use like we were there children(Kisii Ram Hospital). The doctor was very good and I thank him from the bottom of my heart to save our friends in the back seat.

I also thank the good Samaritan Simon who took us to hospital. He saved our lives, just stopped and took us in his car, as well another good Samaritan who took the other two occupants’ and our friends to hospital who i never met with all the friendly people in Kenya who were every we went they said they sorry to see us injured and always said hope you get well.

Thank you RAM HOSPITAL in looking after us and all the nurses, doctors and all other Kenyan people who are friendly, warm and inviting.

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by: Anonymous

Very happy to hear you where well treated at Ram hospital.Usually we only hear complaints only and most patients do recover and get good reasonable treatment at Ram hospital

Your Accident
by: Archie [Moderator]

Thanks for posting your story and it doesnt suprise me one bit of the help and caring that just explodes out of the community of Kenya when most needed and even for strangers.

I do not want to get too overly excited about this but it seems to be inherent in the people of Kenya that they will help out others when they can. If they cannot help then they know someone who can.

Whether it be accidents or sickness or serious shortage of life's necessities the underlying message of 'try to help' is a major thought in everyday life. Now that is something marvellous and quite humbling for those that are not used to it.

I am glad that you and all your travellers are safe and well. Believe me I have been in many similar situations and not just with tractors. I understand.

Kind Regards


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