Lake Bogoria Uncovered

by Archie
(Aberdeen, Scotland, UK)

Hot Springs

Hot Springs

Honestly the maps said there was a road from Lake Bogoria to Nakuru, the signposts at the lake said the same. Beware and turn around, go back, it's a nightmare drive unless you have 4-wheel drive, but having said that I did manage with some help from above.

In February this year on the way back to Nakuru it was a visit to Lake Bogoria, passed the Bogoria spa hotel with its magnificent gates and then onto the park entrance and it was the usual excess entry fee for non-nationals.

Once inside the park it wasn't long before the lake came into view and we parked up and took time beside the waters edge. It was very, very hot and the smell from the guano was strong. A few miles along the road it was time to see the hot volcanic springs which was totally amazing and we even found an orphaned boiled egg and promptly ate it along with the pre-packed tea and biscuits.

After our break it was head home to Nakuru and 'if you take the high road, and I will take the low road' came into play. I took the wrong road and headed to another exit.....the road got worse, and it got rocky, and it got nigh on impossible. I ended up knee deep in drifting sand and the only option was to reverse out and take a run at quick speed to get through.

Yes it worked, yes got back to the nearest town, but be warned, unless you have water, fuel and a good 4 wheel drive then take the 'high road' back to the entrance.

The pictures do not reveal what is to come.

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by: Anonymous

Hello Dear
You talked of having a tours and travel business, anyway to make the story short my wife is a trained receptionist and used to work in Inland camp Baringo, Shes now running asmall hotel and i would prefer if she is employed. Please if there is vacanciy let me know. Johnson

Wonderful lake Bogoria...
by: Arjen Koopman

Hi Archie, thanks for your tip. We all need a little help from above now and then, don't we... ;-) Lake Bogoria is a wonderful place to visit.

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