Kiss FM Kenya - Freshest Hits on Radio

Kiss FM Kenya is a very popular radio station, catering to the listening tastes of the 18 to 35 crowd. Listeners can pick up Kiss FM from several major cities on the following stations:

  • Nairobi – 100.3
  • Mombasa – 88.5
  • Nakuru – 97.8
  • Nyeri – 100.0
  • Eldoret – 89.2
  • Kisumu – 92.6

Hip Hop, Rap And R&B

They play the latest hits, both from the international and local music scene. Music themes are usually hip-hop, rap and R&B. Music is played 24 hours a day, with breaks for news at the top of each hour. News is entertainment oriented, but other current events are covered too.

Kiss FM Host Caroline Mutoko

The early morning show host, Caroline Mutoko is very popular and a local celebrity in Kenya. While doing the "Big Breakfast Show" in 2004, she created a political firestorm when she insulted cabinet minister Martha Karua on the air.

In 2008, Mutoko was arrested with a number of other journalists at a Jamhuri Day celebration. No charges were laid, though it may have been in connection with the T-shirts they were wearing in protest over taxation issues.

Internet Radio

Though the radio station is still live and on the air, they have not maintained their website presence. Up until recently, they were offering a streaming music feed so that listeners anywhere in the world could tune into Kiss FM.

The Kenyan Kiss FM is not affiliated with the popular family of Kiss radio stations in the United States.

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