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Advertising on has many benefits: lots of the right kind of visitors, tailor-made ad options and a money-back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied.

For New Clients: One Month Free! is one of the most visited Kenya travel websites on the internet. Written by a journalist, it’s an authoritative, trusted source of information. The site gets a lot of fanmail both from Westerners who haven't visited Kenya yet, and people who know Kenya and it's tourism sector thoroughly.

The site draws over 40,000 unique visitors per month, especially from North America, Europe and Australia, many of whom are preparing a trip to Kenya. On a daily basis, the number of visitors averages around 2,000. They view over 120,000 pages per month. Moreover, traffic is rising continuously. If you now lock in the current, lower price, you will benefit from rising traffic in the future.

You can independently check's traffic through Here's's current Alexa rank:

Alexa is the independent internet traffic measurer. An Alexa ranking of 300,000 means that, of all the aproximately 150 million websites on the internet, 149.7 million (99.8%) have less visitors than Go here to check the Alexa ranking of other websites. also has a solid Google PageRank (this is the 'grade' between 0 to 10 that Google gives to all websites - the big majority of sites have a lower PageRank):

In short, if you advertise on, your ad will be on a respected, quality website that’s visited each day by scores of future visitors to Kenya and people who are otherwise interested in the country.

And, ads will not be tucked away in a corner of the site, where nobody looks, but all ads will be in the main content area of the site, meaning in the course of the articles where the eyes are.

Text Ads, Banner Ads Or Even Your Own Page!

On you can get text ads, banner ads or your own page for a specific amount of time. Ads can appear on all pages, including the homepage, but site-wide ads aren’t possible at this moment.

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  1. Text Ads (150 Characters): These ads are inside a box (see a sample here at the right) but they have the same lay-out and background color as the rest of the page. So they tend to blend in with the site’s content and get many clicks. They are also simple to set up. A standard text ad is 150 characters maximum (though you’ll often need less text to get your message across. They can be placed everywhere on the site, but site-wide ads aren’t possible at this time.
  2. In-Text Links: The same as text ads, but here link is in-text, in the course of the article.
  3. Banner Ads: They are great for branding, portraying an image of what your company is about. Here's a sample on the right. You don’t have a banner? For US$ 25, we design a banner for you. We recommend still (not moving) banners as too much flashiness tends to fend people off. This site handles these banner formats:
    1. Button (125x125 pixels)
    2. Small square (200x200)
    3. Full banner (468x60)
    4. Skyscraper (120x600)

    Click here for an overview of all ad sizes.
  4. Your Own Page: You will get your own page on this site with a link to yours. You can provide the text and pictures. You can introduce yourself, describe your offers, quote endorsements and testimonials, include , etc. Your page will get incoming links from all related pages on the site, including the most important tier-2 page.

Tip: If you are unsure, start with a regular text ad. They are simple to set up, effective and cheap.

Please note that ads are awarded in a first-come, first-serve basis. A page can only contain one regular or wide skyscraper, for example. So be quick to claim the good spots before your competition does.

To understand where your ad will be, please look at the picture below. This site is organized in 3 layers: the homepage is “tier-1” and obviously gets the most visitors. In the main site menu are the buttons to the “tier-2” pages. They are important hub pages and get more traffic than tier-3 pages. In the tier-2 pages, or at their bottom, are the links to tier-3 pages. This is where most pages are. All tier-3 pages always link to all other related tier-3 pages and “up” to the tier-2 pages and homepage.

Rates And Payment

Fill in the form and you will receive ad rate sheet. Prices are very reasonable.

Payment is in advance for 3 months minimally, with a 25% discount if you book for 12 months. But our money-back guarantee means there’s no risk: if you aren’t satisfied, your ad will be removed and the balance will be refunded. Moreover, new clients get one free month of advertising (to be added to your order).

There are also discounts if you buy ads on several pages at the same time (up to 30% - fill in the form below to calculate your discount).

Payment is either through direct deposit to a bank account in the Netherlands, or through PayPal (which includes credit cards). You can sign up with PayPal for free from any country in the world, and then send money to anyone with an email address. PayPal then withdraws the money from your credit card or bank account for a minor charge. It’s very easy and cheap. Payment through checques is not possible, unfortunately.


  • Money back guarantee: In case of payments in advance, you may have your ad removed at any moment and the balance (amount for the remaining time) will be refunded.
  • Ad rates may be reset upon renewal. (And since traffic is ever rising, it’s advantageous for you to book for longer time period! You’ll lock in the current low price this way.)
  • reserves the right to refuse ads. We don’t accept ads that are totally unrelated to our topic (Kenya), or ads from spammy or black hat web sites.

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