Kenya Movie Gallery

Click on the movies in this Kenya movie gallery and they will begin to play immediately... no need to download them. If an image says more than a thousand words, streaming video says more than a thousand pictures!

The Wildebeest Migration (00:05:25)

A magnificent 5 minute movie about the world famous Wildebeest Migration that takes place annualy, when undreds of thousands of animals trek from Tanzania to Kenya and back again. Don't miss this one - and turn your speakers on for some great music.

Masai Warriors (00:01:05)

A short video report on the Maasai tribe, which have become an international symbol of Kenya and indeed African tribal life as a whole. They always wear red and have these typical high jump dances.

Nairobi Street Scenes (00:00:27)

Some street scenes of Nairobi, one of the most prominent cities in Africa. It's a real cosmopolitan place where you'll really meet ALL kinds of people there. Nairobi doesn't have the best repuation, but - believe it or not - I really like Nairobi very much.

Kenya Musicians (00:01:31)

This is how simple it is to make pleasant music... Two Kenyan musicians playing a tune with instruments made from garbage.

Everyday Life In Kenya (00:00:47)

Filmed from a car driving through the outskirts of Mombasa. This is how much of the towns in Kenya look like, although most villages are much smaller.

Ooops... Elephant Love (00:00:57)

And for some fun... a movie of two elephants showing how much they like each other. This is in Amboseli National Park, Kenya's second most popular wildlife resort after Masai Mara National Reserve.

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