Visiting Kenya: Mombasa Travel Made Easy

When visiting Kenya, Mombasa travel should be on your to-do list. Next to the finest tropical beaches of East Africa and great opportunities for e.g. scuba diving and dhow sailing, the region also has some great nature and marine parks, interesting Swahili culture and historical sights to offer.

Getting to Mombasa

There are more flights and airlines that fly to Nairobi than Mombasa, so most international travelers come that route. But some chartered flights do fly directly to Mombasa as well. They are often cheaper, but do tend to come in packages with accommodation. Here’s more about flights to Kenya.

sunset at mombasa beach, kenya

The overnight train from Nairobi to Mombasa is an enjoyable option too, though it takes long (12 hours). If you’re really on a tight budget you can also take the cheap buses that leave from Accra Road in Nairobi to Mombasa each day.

If you have a car at your disposal – be aware that car hire in Kenya has it’s disadvantages – then you can also drive from Nairobi along the highway to Mombasa, and see the great scenery that makes up this part of Kenya. Mombasa travel along this route will take you at least 10 hours though (depending on weather and current road conditions).

Mombasa Sights

Basically, most people who come to Mombasa are interested in the extensive white sand beaches that line the north and south coasts. But once you are tanned and relaxed enough, take some time to explore the city itself and check out the sights.

The historic architecture in Old Town can make for a very enjoyable walk (walking guides are available), and a stop at Fort Jesus is a must while you're there. It sits guarding the Kilindini Harbor, though its just an archaeological site and museum today. If you like ancient towns, then also visit Lamu. This wonderful island has an old town that’s now a UNESCO World Heritage site. There are no cars on the island, which brings the visitor in a very relaxed mood. When you come to Kenya, Mombasa travel can show you much more than just safaris.

pregnant woman in mombasa, kenya

Wildlife And Marine Parks

Taking a drive outside the city can take you to the huge pair of game parks, Tsavo East and Tsavo West. Since they consists to a large extent of big open plains, they are great for wildlife viewing. Next to more luxurious accommodation, there’s a lot of budget accommodation inside the park.

Both parks are about half a days drive from the city, and the Shimba Hills rain forest park is even closer. For a different type of wildlife, you can visit one of the many marine parks in the area too. The Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve is a nearby one.

Mombasa Accommodation

Hotels in the city are available for any budget, just like any other major city. But up and down the coast are all the high-class beach resorts. Here’s my personal list of best hotels in Mombasa.

Getting Around

Next to the public bus system in Mombasa, I always like to take matatus. They are private minivans that drive fixed routes, and they stop wherever somebody raises their hand. For 30 KSH (about half a dollar) it takes you as far as you want to go. Loud benga or rap music comes at no charge. This is transport the African way!

After dark, matatus aren’t advised – take taxis then. Taxis are universally available and should cost between 300 KSH for a short rides and 1000 KSH for longer ones.

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