Kenya Election Results: The Facts

Here are the official Kenya election results of the 27 December 2007 polls – both of the presidential and parliamentary elections.

The presidential election results are widely thought to be fraudulent. After 90% of the constituencies having reported their election results, Odinga was leading with 370,000 votes. Two days later, the Election Commission suddenly announced that Kibaki had won with a 200,000 vote difference. Some areas had a voter turnout of 115 percent; the number of votes counted locally and the number that reached Nairobi didn’t add up; some election officials disappeared mysteriously together with their ballot boxes; foreign election observers could not investigate situations; the list goes on.

However, protests by Odinga supporters led to widespread riots and after negotiations the two rivals agreed on a power sharing deal. Also see my separate page on the backgrounds of the election violence.

The official Kenya election results (presidential):

PNUMwai Kibaki4,584,72147%
ODMRaila Odinga4,352,99344%
ODM-KenyaKalonzo Musyoka879,9039%
KPTPJospeh Karani21,171 
KPPPius Muiru9,667 
WCPKNazlin Omar8,624 
SSAKenneth Matiba8,046 
CCUPDavid Ng’ethe5,976 
RPKNixon Kukubo5,927 

This map shows how the majority of the votes for Kibaki (green) and Odinga (yellow) were divided across the country:

kenya election results, kibaki, odinga

Compare this with a map of the tribes in Kenya:

kenya, map of tribes

The Parliamentary Elections

Together with the presidential elections, the parliamentary elections were held too. Contrary to the presidential elections, these results are not suspected to be fraudulent. Here, the Odinga’s ODM party has a big lead, which was a further reason to include them in the government coalition. Otherwise, the ODM in parliament could make life really hard for the government.

Orange Democratic Movement (Odinga)99
Party of National Unity (Kibaki)43
Orange Democratic Movement – Kenya16
Kenya African National Union14
National Rainbow Coalition - Kenya4
Forum for the Restoration of the Democracy - People3
National Rainbow Coalition3
Chama Cha Uzalendo2
Democratic Party2
New Forum for the Restoration of Democracy - Kenya2
Party of Independent Candidates of Kenya2
Sisi Kwa Sisi2
Forum for the Restoration of Democracy - Asili1
Forum for the Restoration of Democracy - Kenya1
Kenya African Democratic Development Union1
Kenya African Democratic Union - Asili1
Kenya National Democratic Alliance1
National Labour Party1
People’s Party of Kenya1
United Democratic Movement1

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