Kenya Election News

This is my archive of Kenya election news, mainly consisting of Reuters TV news feeds.

After 2 months of negotiations, a power sharing deal has been agreed between the two main political rivals, president Kibaki and opposition leader Odinga.

I have believed from the beginning that Kenya could overcome the riots - although the country will still have to work hard to also take away the deeper roots of the conflicts.

This Kenya election news page will no longer be updated but I'm keeping it here as an archive. Also have a look at the timeline of the election violence and to my page with current travel advice.

April 13 - New Kenyan Cabinet Brings New Hope

1 March - Kenyan Tourism Struggles To Survive Political Unrest

10 February - Kenya's Election Row Refugees

February 2 - Annan Says Kenya Peace Agreed

18 January - At Least 13 Dead In Kenya Protests

16 January - Kenya Police Clash With Protestors

15 January – New Tensions In Kenya

10 January – Kenya Talks End Without Deal

6 January – More Kenyans Flee In Fear

5 January – Tutu Urges End To Kenyan Violence

2 January – Kenyan opposition calls off protest

2 January - Kenya unrest threatens economy

1 January – Mob Attacks Church And Kill 30

31 December – Deadly Riots In Kenya

It's a big tragedy what's happened in Kenya. Some 1,500 people have been killed between January and March 2008, after the probably fraudulent elections of December 27th.

What's happened is, in short, that Kenyans are (rightly) angry about the election fraude that probably has taken place, through which the old President, Mwai Kibaki, has stolen the December 27th elections.

In the polls, his main challenger Raila Odinga was leading and it was expected that he would win. When the first elections results came in, Odinga had a clear lead. Then all of a sudden the Kenyan election commission announces a victory for... current President Kibaki.

Kibaki was critized (rightly, I think) during the election campaign for having done precious little against the rampant corruption. But he was elected exactly on the promise to end corruption. He's a member of the biggest tribe, the Kikuyu, and he has put members of his tribe and clan on most government positions. These people are called the Mount Kenya Maffia (the home region of the Kikuyu) and they are stealing government funds. Kibaki now quickly reinstalled himself, without an impartial investigation into the reports about election fraud.

It's logical that Kenyan citizens were angry. Only, violence is always wrong, and has also in this case often been directed at innocent people who happen to be Kikuyu.

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