Kenya Customs Information

Here’s a short overview of everything you have to know about Kenya Customs: passport and visa requirements, what you can bring in and out of the country, mandatory vaccinations, etcetera.

Visa and Passport

For entering Kenya, you’ll need a passport with one blank page that’s still 3 months valid after the day of entry. Most nationalities also need a visa, which in most cases you can obtain easily for US$50 upon arrival at the airport. Details are at my Kenya visa page.


A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required for travelers arriving from infected areas (except for babies under 1 years old). This also goes for those countries formerly classified as endemic zones. A cholera vaccination certificate used to be required to enter Kenya, but isn’t any more. More on my Kenya health page.

Wildlife Products

Note that the regulations for taking wildlife products out of the country are strict. It’s not allowed to export any product made from rhino, sea turtle or elephant. Taking ostrich eggs our of Kenya is only allowed if you can prove that they come from a certified farm.

Other Exports

You can take a maximum of 100,000 Kenyan shilling (around US$ 1,600) in cash out of the country.

Duty-Free Imports

The following limits apply for alcohol and tobaccos if you want to avoid paying duties: one carton of 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 225 grams of tobacco; and one bottle of liquor or wine. At Customs, you may be asked if you’re bringing any photo cameras or camcorders etc. with you. Unless you’re a professional with lots of gear with you, you shouldn’t have to pay any duties. But some officials may make notes in your passport to check if you also take your equipment with you when leaving Kenya.

Banned Imports

Besides the usual stuff like weapons, it’s not allowed to bring obscene publications and audiovisual stuff with you. Some lads magazines may also be considered as such. You won’t see any of them in Kenya.

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