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sunset in masai mara national reserve, kenya

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Three day trip to Maasai Mara (Feb 2016)

What comes to your mind when you think of a safari? Do you picture adrenaline rushing through your body as you watch a hunt? Maybe being at one with the

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Beach Wedding, Beach Honey Moon in Kenya

My dream wedding is a beach wedding in Kenyan coastal. With that blue background, nice palm tree. Glad to have found this website and it will be of great

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Visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is mainly known for taking care of orphaned elephants and rhinos but generally they exist to protect the wildlife in

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A vist to the Rift Valley

My Kenya travel tip: the Great Rift Valley. About one hours drive and one is ushered to the Great Rift Valley at Lake Naivasha. The region is home to Lake

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The Mosque in Nairobi

My wife, who is originally from Kenya but now lives in the U.S., and I went to visit her family in Nyeri. The first few days in Kenya we stayed in a hotel

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Sunset on the Masai Mara

My wife and I spent three days on the Masai Mara, doing morning, afternoon and evening safari trips. We saw many wonderful animals, but the sunsets on

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Animals of the Masai Mara

Some of the many animals photographed during our Kenya safari trip in 2009. We went during April, which is generally the rainy season. Luckily the rain

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No more violence in Kenya

This picture was a calling from Kenyans abroad for the end of violence sparked off by the 2007 General elections. The just concluded general elections

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Kurian Woman

Sore and Martina. Sore with the hanging ears, a right of passage in the Kurian community

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Kuria Culture

This is a Kuria traditional dancer. The dance is called Iritungu. One of the best and unknown to many

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Volunteers in Kiburanga,Kuria

Two volunteers, one from Canada and the other one from Germany. Enjoying the beauty of Kuria land scape

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Computer (laptop) donation needed

Hello, I am involved in motivating children to read as opposed to watching too much TV and have been engaged to mentor children in juvenile prison in

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Misuuni Community Water Project, Kenya

MISUUNI COMMUNITY WATER PROJECT- KENYA Misuuni community water project is located in Kenya, East Africa. About 70 km south east of Nairobi City, the capital

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Kanyawegi Children's Home, Kisumu City, Nyanza, Kenya

New sponsors and donors needed. Can you help? Kanyawegi Children's provides shelter, food, clothing, education and christian guidance to around 55 children

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Community Health Care Project

Health care is a fundamental aspect when we consider our village based programs and outreaches. Of the global ill health reports, 24% of the cases are

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Blankets and wines, Nairobi edition

This was in April and we were home for the holiday just getting bored and couch potatoing...... We needed something to up our spirits and what a better

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Born in Kenya!

Hi, my name is Pratik and I was born in Nairobi. My parents lived in Thika and I too spent 8 years of my initial life in Thika itself. They truly were

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Magical Kenya

I'm a pilot for Virgin Atlantic. Since I first laid eyes on the magical country in 01/06/2007 the first flight into Nairobi I fell in love with it... Till

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Wildebeest Migration in Masai Mara

The Wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara is the most wonderful, dramatic, interesting, fun adventure that we had in our safari in Kenya, Masai Mara.

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Concerned about Nairobi airport security

I went home last year from the US. I was very sad by what I found out. At the airport (Jomo Kenyatta), this guy was opening up my stuff asking me what

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Naivasha in Kenya

Naivasha at a glance looks dry apart from all the negative publicity. It is the best place to go camping, site seeing, mountain climbing as well as entertainment

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The day after in Nairobi

Yesterday I went walking in all the places where the bombs happened the day before, and mingled with the crowds waiting for matatus, as everyone warned

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Will a lion take the straggler?

Will a lion take the straggler? That is the question which is running around in my head while I scramble to keep up with the Maasai warriors (2 men graduated

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My third month living in Kenya

Well it has finally happened. I was robbed in Nairobi just crossing the street. Rush hour is such a buzz here. Well dressed workers, all black and shiny

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Beautiful Kenya

I recently visited Kenya and had a marvelous expirience there. The places to visit are lovely and I had an awesome time. I went to the massai market and

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Community library in Kenya, Kieni East constituency

Due to the ongoing war against ignorance, I am seeking donations to start a community library that will serve the residents of Mwea B and other neighbouring

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Karibu Kenya - Eight days of safari in Kenya

Karibu Kenya (1) - Eight days of safari in Kenya It is Wednesday morning, about 5 a.m. We have just landed in Mombasa airport. It is small and half empty,

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Lots of investigating in Kenya

My girls are real investigators. We travel to Kenya yearly and we never feel like we've seen it all. We'll be back, and back, and back...

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