Internet Access in Kenya

Internet access in Kenya is fairly widespread. In all cities and most towns, public internet computers can be found. Only very rural areas may have to do without. Rates are low: typically 1 shilling (0.06 dollar cents) per minute. In top-end places or remote areas, prices may be as high as 20 shillings (30 dollarcents) per minute.

Most machines are equipped with email software (in case you don’t have web-based email) and with instant-messenger software such as MSN and Yahoo.

Internet access in Kenya is available at the more up-market hotels and resorts, at internet cafés and, recently, in post offices. Almost all main post offices provide internet access at the flat rate of 1,16 shilling (less than 2 dollarcents) per minute. You have to buy a 100 shilling card, but the balance remains at the card if you haven’t used it up, and they’re valid at all post offices.

Everywhere, connections can be slow. During mornings, you’ll have the biggest chance of a decent internet speed.

Addresses for Internet Access


  • Capital Realtime, Lonhro House, Standard Street
  • Lazards, Data House, Kenyatta Avenue
  • AGX Internet Café, Barclays Plaza, Loita Street
  • Easy Surf, Sarit Centre, Westlands
  • Avant Garde E-Centre, Fedha Towers, Kaunda Street


  • Makdara Cyber Net, Makdara Road
  • JN Cyber Garden, Makdara Road
  • Blue Room, Haile Selassie Road
  • Cyber Come, Moi Avenue
  • Info Café, Nkrumah Road


  • Post office, Lamu fort
  • Lynx Infosystems, Lamu centre


  • Bling Net, Lamu Road
  • Y-Net, Lamu Road
  • Malindi Connections, Malindi Complex


  • Techno Soft, Barclays Centre, Diani Beach Road
  • CMS Cybercafe, Palm Avenue, Ukunda
  • Tellus, Diani Complex Shopping Centre

Mobile Phones

If you’re the person that likes to keep in touch, also see my page about the mobile phone network in Kenya.

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