I like the animal pictures...

by Natasha Moore

I've never been to a national park in Kenya.

But I just wanted to say I looked at your animal pictures and I love them.

While all look cute I really loved the elephants you pictured at your site!

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Yes, I'm an elephant lover too...
by: Arjen Koopman

Hi Natasha, thanks for your kind words about my site. I happen to be an elephant lover too.

During my last visit to the both Tsavo parks I saw sometimes 20-30 elephants together... They didn't seem frightened of humans, as our group could approach them sometimes up to 20 metres close.

At one point, my group came upon two fighting elephants, in the middle of a herd... We watched them almost half an hour. Luckily the didn't seem to really hurt each other. It sure was an impressive sight.

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