How do you pronouce Nyanya? Does it mean grandmother?

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How do you pronouce the word Nyanya? This is a word that can be used for grandmother instead of the word "bibi", correct? - I don't particulary care for the word "grandmother" so I wanted an alternate word in Swahili (my daughter's husband is from Kenya). Thank you.

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Jun 11, 2015
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May 02, 2015
How do you pronouce Nyanya NEW
by: Michelle Brittany

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Feb 04, 2015
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by: Rake

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Apr 16, 2014
pronouns nyanya NEW
by: Anonymous

nyanya can be pronounced as; nyaanya or shosho is also allowed note that tomatoes are also called nyanya in kiswahili

Feb 09, 2012
Prounounced incorrectly NEW
by: Anonymous

My mother's first grandbaby was told to call her nyanya (prounounced as such) He calls her yaya and she answers, LOL.

Dec 26, 2011
Grandmother NEW
by: Anonymous

I was told it is pronouce "E-na-ne". :)

Jul 07, 2010
by: Archie Melrose

Thanks for your question and here are some other tribal words for grandmother.

Swahili [Common language] - Bibi [BeeBee] or Nyanya or just Mama.
Masaii - Cucuu [not sure of prononciation]
Kikuyu - CuCu [pronounced ShoSho]
Kalenjin - Chamge kogo
Luo - Dani



Jun 30, 2010
How do you pronouce Nyanya?
by: Jes

Hi there...

My boyfriend is also from Kenya..its pronounced Nun-Ya ..but he often calls his gram mama.

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