How do Kenyan tribes say grandmother?

by Jessica
(New Hampshire, USA)

Could you please tell me the names of some tribes in Kenya and how they say grandmother? Many thanks for your help!

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Sep 09, 2015
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by: Jeffin

That was a nice question! Actually I don’t know how to say grandmother in Kenyan language. I also wanted to know the exact pronunciation of grandmother. I think I will get it from this blog. Thank you for sharing this post! Electronic Health Records

Jun 16, 2010
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you so very much for this information.

I am familiar with a few of these and i too had made the mistake (in my learnings) to pronounce as seen and quickly learned that very much unlike English you can't sound words out :)

I love Peters KooKoo pronunciation :)

Thank you this is perfect.

Jun 16, 2010
How do Kenyan tribes say grandmother?
by: Tropic Tours & Travel

Yes Archie,

I agree with you pronounciation can be different (CUCU - ShoSho)but not to worry you will catch up very soon.



Jun 16, 2010
by: Archie [Moderator]


Thanks for your question and here are some suggestions.

Swahili [Common language] - Bibi [BeeBee] or Nyanya or just Mama.
Masaii - Cucuu [not sure of prononciation]
Kikuyu - CuCu [as Peter said] See below for a laugh!
Kalenjin - Chamge kogo
Luo - Dani

Ok then, Peter's answer was quite correct but let me help with the Kikuyu word as it sounds. It sounds like this - ShoSho. If you assume that its CuCu pronounced KooKoo then you will be calling Grannie a chicken in Swahili. Now Grannie may quite like to be called a young chicken especially if she is very elderly, you will have a friend for life.

Sorry Peter but us mzungus have a lot to learn but we are trying hard. Not so long ago I met up with the ShoSho's at my fiance's parents house in Nakuru, I am happy to report that they approved of me. Yes I did take food gifts for them. Flour/Chai/Ugali flour/Sugar and Rice.



Jun 16, 2010
How do Kenyan tribes say grandmother?
by: Tropic Tours & Travel


There are like 42 tribes in Kenya and all of them have thier own pronounciation of grandmother.

Personally am from the Kikuyu tribe and we pronounce it as CUCU

Thanks and let me know is you need any other help

Best learning


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