My Top Five Favorite Hotels In Nairobi

Here’s my list of favorite hotels in Nairobi. It’s a kind of top 5, except that I included both cheaper and more expensive options (with the Norfolk being the most expensive). Therefore, it’s hard to say which is my absolute favorite hotel, since we’re not comparing apples to apples here.

By the way, don’t expect hotels in Nairobi to be cheap just because it’s Africa. Nairobi is the business centre of East Africa and a lot of international organizations (the UN, etc.) are located here. Prices here of midrange and top hotels are (almost) the same level as anywhere in North America or Europe. Only at the bottom end of the market will hotels in Nairobi get really cheap. Hotels in Mombasa (Kenya’s second city and a gateway to the popular beach resorts at the Indian Ocean coast) are much cheaper. Still, the hotels at this page provide good value for money.

The best travel agency in Nairobi to help you pick a hotel is Africa Point. Most hotels in Kenya are in their database, and they have a reputation for patient, one-on-one customer service. They also know which hotels in Nairobi to avoid. So if are looking for any particular type of hotel, just ask them and they will help you pick the one that’s right for you.

My Favorite Midrange Hotels In Nairobi:

  • Six Eighty (680) Hotel

    There are fancier and flashier places in Nairobi, but the combination of a very central location, wide range of facilities and decent rates put this hotel in my list of favorites. The hotel is located along Kenyatta Avenue, in the heart of the shopping and business centre and it’s close to Simmers (my favorite Nairobi restaurant). Facilities including internet access, 24-hour room service, laundry service, bars and restaurants, fitness centre, etc. More information at Africapoint
  • Heron Hotel

    This 3-star family hotel is also centrally located (at Milimani Road) but in a relative quiet neighborhood. Years ago, this place was a notorious brothel/bar, but it was changed into a very respectable hotel. It’s facilities are near the level of a 4-star hotel: 24 hour room service, gift and convenience shop, internet access, laundry service, sauna, swimming pool, conference facilities, business centre, etc. – more than most 3 star hotels. If possible, get hold of any of the kitchenette doubles – they’re a bargain. More information at Africapoint

My Favorite Top End Hotels In Nairobi:

  • Fairview Hotel

    A most pleasant country-style hotel located on Nairobi Hill, on 5 acres of beautiful gardens, removed from the bustle of the centre. It’s a classy, well-managed hotel with good value for money. It has excellent security and is great for families. hotel has a wide choice of more economical and more expensive rooms, including 15 apartments. Among the many facilities are internet access and safe in the rooms, a gym with fitness apparatus, swimming pool, business centre and several conference rooms, courtyard restaurant, etc. It’s a popular place, so book early. More information at Africapoint
  • New Stanley Hotel (Sarova Stanley)

    I love this hotel since it’s a real historic place – the oldest hotel in Nairobi, opening in 1902 (although the current premises was built later). Famous guests have Frank Sinatra, Winston Churchill and Ernest Hemingway. The hotel is built in a colonial style, with green leather lashings and chandeliers and old-fashioned fans. Facilities include a safe and internet access in each room, 24-hour room service, a gym and health club with a sauna and yoga, aerobics and martial arts classes, swimming pool, etc. The popular Thorn Tree Café is right at the entrance of the Stanley. The hotel is very centrally located at the corner of Kenyatta Avenue and Kimathi Street. More information at Africapoint
  • Norfolk Hotel

    The Norfolk is equally historic as the Stanley, opening it’s doors in 1904. It’s still probably the most prestigious (and equally expensive) hotel in Kenya, built in a colonial style. It’s very centrally located at Thuku Road just north of Moi Avenue, but it’s a quiet area and the beautiful hotel gardens are almost serene. Facilities include a heated swimming pool, a health club with gym, sauna and steam room, book shop, beauty salon, and all the other things you can expect from a top-end hotel. The Ibis Grill restaurant at the hotel is considered to be one of the best in Kenya. More information at Africapoint

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