Hotels In Kenya: My Favorite Places To Find The Best

There are enough fine hotels in Kenya to choose from, since the Kenyan tourism sector is well developed. Hotels range from the prestigious and historic Norfolk Hotel to the country-style and quiet Fairview Hotel, trusted brands like the Hilton Hotels and the good-value-for-money Six Eighty Hotel. Click here for my personal lists of hotels I can recommend:

Hotel Prices in Kenya

What’s the deal with prices? Especially in Nairobi, top-end hotels are just as expensive (and luxurious) as in North America or Europe, and it’s only at the bottom end of the market that hotel prices in Kenya become really cheap. This means there’s a choice for each budget – it’s both possible to travel in Kenya on a shoestring budget, but also to have all the luxury you could possibly want.

In general, hotels in Nairobi are much more expensive than accommodation elsewhere in Kenya, including the beach resorts around Mombasa. Basically, you can get a top-end hotel in Mombasa for the same price you’ll pay for a mid-range hotel in Nairobi. The only exception to this rule may be top-end luxury game lodges in popular safari parks like Masai Mara or Amboseli. But from the mid-range level up, hotel prices are never really cheap in Kenya.

You should note that Kenya operates on a dual pricing system. This particularly applies to midrange and top end places. Nonresidents pay more (often double or triple the price) than Kenyan (or other East African) residents. Also note hotels and other places to stay in Kenya quote their prices in a variety of currencies, usually US dollars or Kenyan shillings (Ksh). In most cases you can pay in dollars, shillings, euros and sometimes foreign currencies.

Prices also vary in accordance to season. In Nairobi, the peak seasons are July (sometimes June) to October, from January until early March, and include Easter and Christmas. At the coast, peak times tend to be in July, August and December to March. Lower prices are usually applied for the rest of the year.

Watch Out For Ripp-Off’s

Kenya is a poor country, and rip-offs occur, also in the hotel sector. It’s wise to be a bit cautious. But the hotel booking services recommended on this page are 100% secure, and the hotels they offer all pass the test.

My Personal Top 3 of Kenya Hotel Sites

Whenever I’m traveling in Kenya, here are the resources I use to find the best hotel deals:

  1. Africa Point

    My favorite is Africa Point. It has by far the biggest selection of hotels in Kenya on the internet, and their prices are often competitive. As specialists in Africa travel (located in Nairobi), they offer the major international hotel chains but also local gems that are overlooked by the big, non-specialized travel companies.

    Africa Point has a reputation for patient, one-on-one customer service – if you ask them, they will personally help you pick the hotel (or safari trip or flight) that best fits your requirements and budget, they’ll make enquires and arrange airport transfers, etc. Here’s their Kenya hotel section.
  2. Hotels Combined

    The advantage of the Hotels Combined search system is that they check all the major travel websites for the lowest prices within seconds, and usually bring back the biggest number of hotel deals. You don’t have to compare dozens of sites yourself to get the best deals. Plus, they have user reviews and a lot of pictures online of most hotels they offer. Have a look at their hotels in Kenya here.
  3. Hostelworld

    Whenever someone is asking me where can get the real backpacker experience, or simply where to find cheap accommodation, I’m advising them to check out Hostelworld. This site was started by a team of enthusiastic backpackers to provide the best collection of hostels in one place. I also like that they donate a portion of their booking fees to UNICEF. They offer some 30 good hostels in Kenya.

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