Hotel Kenya – My List Of Recommendable Hotels In Kenya

Visiting Kenya and looking for a hotel? Kenya is a poor country and tourist rip off’s occur, also in the hotel sector. But don't worry, there are still plenty of good quality, reliable hotels to choose from. This page lists those hotels that I can recommend.

Each hotel in Kenya that made this list was screened through all means available to make sure that only the best and most special hotels are collected on this page. Click here for:

Prices Of Kenya Hotels

Especially hotels in Nairobi are more expensive than hotels in elsewhere in Kenya (including the popular beach region around Mombasa). The only exeption is top luxury lodges in popular safari parks like Masai Mara and Amboseli.

On the whole, a hotel in Kenya is almost never really cheap. The Kenyan tourism sector market is well developed and hotel owners know which prices they can ask. Only at the bottom of the market will prices become really cheap.

Personal Help With Choosing The Right Hotel

The best travel agency in Kenya to help you pick a hotel is Africa Point, based in Nairobi. Almost every hotel in Kenya is in their system, and they have a reputation for patient, one-on-one customer service. They also know which hotels in Nairobi to avoid. So if are looking for any particular type of hotel, just ask them and they will help you pick the one that’s right for you. They can also help to tailor your trip, arrange transfers, etc.

Recommendable Hotels In Nairobi:

  • Six Eighty (680) Hotel (Mid Range – 3 Stars): There are flashier places in Nairobi, but the super central location (along Kenyatta Avenue), the great facilities and low prices still make this hotel one of my favorites. More information at Africapoint
  • Heron Hotel (Mid Range– 3 Stars): A family hotel in a quiet neighbourhood close to the city centre, with facilities that are near 4 stars. Their kitchenette doubles are a bargain. More information at Africapoint
  • Fairview Hotel (Top End – 5 stars): A most pleasant country-style hotel on 5 acres on the quiet Nairobi Hill. Excellent security, a wide choice of economy and more expensive rooms and a lot of facilities. More information at Africapoint
  • New Stanley Hotel (Sarova Stanley) (Top End – 5 Stars): A centrally located, classy hotel built in colonial style, with green leather lashings, chandeliers and old-fashioned fans, but also with all modern facilities. The popular Thorn Tree Café is right at the entrance. More information at Africapoint
  • Norfolk Hotel (Top End – 5 Stars): The oldest and most prestigious hotel in Kenya, opening it’s doors in 1904. Centrally located but in a quiet street, in beautiful hotel gardens. Great facilities, including the Ibis Grill restaurant that’s considered one of Kenya’s best. More information at Africapoint

Recommendable Beach Hotels - Mombasa North Coast

  • Mombasa Serena Beach Hotel (Top End - 5 stars): This resort, of a chain of excellent reputation, is so big that it’s styled as a Swahili village. The rooms are very nicely decorated in African-colonial style and the wide range of facilities include 8 restaurants and bars, and many water sports options. More information at Africapoint
  • Sarova WhiteSands Beach Hotel (Top End - 5 stars): A large resort with huge public areas and the longest beach front of all North Coast resorts. Next to a wide choice of facilities, it also offers probably the widest choice of water sports on the north beach, including glass bottom boats to the world-class Kenyan reefs. More information at Africapoint
  • Voyager Beach Resort (Top End - 5 stars): A good value-for-money hotel with the deserved reputation of being the best resort on Nyali Beach. It’s possible to stay under the all-inclusive formula – besides food and drinks, a good choice of non-motorized water and other sports are included in that as well. More information at Africapoint
  • Nyali Beach Hotel (Top End - 5 stars): Voyager’s main competitor at Nyali Beach, located in white buildings set among flamboyant tropical gardens. You’d have to stay a week to try all restaurants and bars. Next to great facilities they also have rooms for disabled people. More information at Africapoint

Recommendable Beach Hotels - Mombasa South Coast

  • Alliance Africana Sea Lodge (Mid Range - 3 stars): Built on a beautiful terrain, all rooms are located in African style thatched-roof cottages. Live performances in the evening include music and traditional dance. Of it’s 3 restaurants, especially the Village Restaurant has a good reputation. More information at Africapoint
  • Travellers Beach Hotel (Top End - 4 stars): A big and rather stylish beach hotel surrounded by tropical gardens. It offers both half board and all-inclusive formulas. The 4 swimming pools are interconnected through channels in a very nice way. During the evenings, there’s entertainment with live bands, tribal dances and acrobats. More information at Africapoint
  • Diani Sea Resort (Mid Range - 3 stars): An attractive family-owned resort, perfect for the independent minded traveler, that’s located 200 metres from Diani Beach. Family rooms come with a seperate room for the children. Next to many sports options, live entertainment is offered during evenings. More information at Africapoint
  • The Sands at Nomad (Mid Range - 3 stars): A relaxed, informal beach resort that offers a lot of water sports including surfing, kite surfing, kayaking, boogie boards, and a diving school. It has beautiful thatched-roof bandas and a locally popular beach bar. More information at Africapoint

Recommendable Hotels In Mombasa City

  • Castle Royal Hotel (Top End: 5 Stars): rightly has the reputation of the best hotel of Mombasa city, and is very reasonably priced. Located in the heart of the city, recently renovated and a lot of facilities including a nice roof-top restaurant. More information at Africapoint

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