Help For A US School Project About Kenya

by Sandi Priest
(North Carolina)

I am a 3rd grade teacher in North Carolina. March 31, 2009 our school is having a world travel night. My class got assigned Kenya. I was thrilled with the assignment.

My husband plays drums (kit and hand) and I love to dance. I have been looking for a DVD so that I may learn a dance and then teach it to my students. I have purchased a couple of music CD's but have yet to find a DVD of their dances.

I would also like to purchase material for the children to wear like shaws during the performance. I think making the large neck rings would be nice too. Even making the colorful jewelry would be a nice touch.

The students will also make projects (on science boards) about the region and it's people and animals. My absolute favorite animal is a giraffe. I have told my student about Christian the Lion too. The school blocked my attempts to show them the video clips of the reunion between him and his human friends.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Sandi Priest

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Kenya class project involving dance
by: john Marshall

For many many years the Ministry of Education in Kenya has run a dance and drama festival for secondary schools with first provincial competitions and then a final. I have an idea that they get someone to make a DVD of the finals. If you can somehow get hold of one of these you will see the wealth of talent that exists in today's schools in Kenya, both in acting and in dancing.

that Kenya is a hot one
by: Anonymous

Hey @ roxxi.. you dont know shit about Kenya. Instead of sitting your ass down to write about how Kenya is hot and that children dont go to school coz of the distance, you could do some research on the country and find out that the government has done alot to bring schools close to the kids and that now there is a new constitution that will ensure free education for all. Like i said, before putting your comments here do your research.

by: Roxxi

That Kenya is a very poor but very hot ome children don't go to school because they live to far away from the closest school in Kenya.

AGE 20

School Project
by: Archie

Hi Sandi,
I hope this is not to late for your presentation and have to say thanks to Brigitte from Aus because her pictures and experience in Kenya is admirable and her story on this site was one that brought a tear to my eye.....happy tear.
Whatever help you need then I??? We?? are happy to give you. I just got back from Kenya in February and when it comes to pictures and way of life then you can find lots in Flickr. I can suggest Toaf and Terry Fu who have great pictures. Just ask them for permission and all will be good.
Arjen runs a wonderful site here and he needs commendation for that, his enthusiasm is so good and I know that he will support me.
Have a look at the food recipes and perhaps try to get the kids cooking????

How inspiring!
by: Brigitte Atterton, Brisbane, Australia

Hi Sandi, what an exciting concept! I would love to be involved, but a little too far to travel! We were lucky enough to be involved with a Masaii wedding ceremony and consequently were given lots of outfits and jewelry to commemerate the occasion. I have photos available if that is any help and would be happy to share them with you if you think this would help?
There are many tribes in Kenya, and all have different music, if you want Masaai music, I would suggest googling it, there are some wonderful sites to download music from. The beaded necklace would be easiest made with a piece of strong cardboard cut in a circular shape to fit around the neck and then glue the beads on to it, this is not how they make them, but it would suffice for your project. The men have "leadership sticks", which were about 30cm long shaft of wood also covered in beads, or even a walking stick for the elders also covered in beads. If you would like more info, please let me know and I would love to hear how your project went. Goodluck and best wishes from a Kenya lover in Australia!

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