Engineers Without Borders - Building Footbridge in Kenya

by Debra
(Irvine, Ca, USA)

We are building a bridge to prevent this

We are building a bridge to prevent this

We are building a footbridge in Endana, Kenya near Nanyuki and we have already raised over $23,000 toward our budget of $37,000. We are seeking donations to complete our costs for construction and local labor. We will be leaving this July and will complete construction by September. You can see our plans on our website

Our structural plans for the footbridge has been approved to begin construction. On our Kenay EWB-OC website you will see a villager up to his neck in muddy water as he wades across from one side of the river to the other. The bridge is a critical need because it allows the people of Endana to access the Segura Medical Clinic and Middle Schools year round. The river is inaccessible due to flooding when it rains which makes it impossible to pass if you are elderly, a child, or simply cannot swim to the medical clinic or schools on the other side.

EWB-OC selected this project as part of a 5-year commitment to help the people of Endana with their community needs. Building the Footbridge is just one of several planned projects for the Endana community.

It is a simplified suspended bridge designed specifically so the villagers will be able to assist in the construction and maintain it after we are gone. We will use local labor and materials to help boost the economy and living status of Endana and nearby areas.

Please contact Debra Kennard if you are interested in supporting our project. We are also looking for hand tool donations as well as funds.
Thank you!

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Bridge Complete!
by: Debra

Thank you all for your comments and interested. The bridge was completed October 2010 and we have returned to see it as a useful benefit to the community.

I now am working with raising money for scholarships for grade school kids. We just received NPO status and are excited about preventing kids from being pulled out of the middle of the term due to lack of funds. Check us out a :D

water project
by: paul

God bless you ,you are doing a wonderful job

Water for Kenya
by: Debra

Thanks John. We are really excited about connecting Endana with a way to reach the clinic by simply crossing a bridge. And our next project in Endana is a water project which we will be assessing during construction of the bridge. Glad to be aware of others helping this country in great need :D

Take care,

Making Healthcare Easy to Get
by: John Lambert

Hi Debra,
Engineers Without Borders does Great things.
That group of people has helped Steve James
who founded in drilling water
wells, geologists have given estimates on how deep
they need to drill, how much granite they have to
go through etc.

All of these kinds of projects are done to help
improve the lives and health of native kenyans.

There is an overwhelming need for clean water
and improved healthcare.

Best Wishes for you and your projects.

John Lambert

You can find out more about what Steve is doing here

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