Economic impact of tourism in Kenya

by Francine
(Brighton )

I'm wondering if could you provide the positive and negative side of the economic impact of tourism in Kenya?

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Mar 26, 2010
Tourism- benefits and 'downfalls'...
by: John

Hi Francine,

I wanted to add a little to Archie's post.
Tourism is only rivaled by the Agricultural
Industry-(Coffee, Tea..)

Tourism is rising and -though it's not at the
level it was prior to the last elections- it is
a vital sector of the economy.

Tourism brings a Lot of money into the economy.

Fortunately the Kenyan government had the foresight to establish a network of parks and game reserves and

Wildlife is the main attraction and it has forced the Safari companies and tour operators to be very competitive.

Of course it's had an impact on the people and placed more demands on the transportation system and the roads. (the roads are not the worst in the world-that 'honor' may go to the Balkan states-Albania, Serbia..)

Some members of the traditional tribes have added
to their income by offering cultural tours, opening small shops and markets, bicycle rides in some of the smaller cities.

And some people have given up the traditional or tribal way of life and as long as they don't lose the identity of their roots they may be OK.

As Archis says it will take years to build the infrastructure.

It's a big country and the number of activities you can engage in- Everything from deep sea fishing and scuba diving to climbing Mt. Kenya or playing golf is more than enough to attract the wildlife enthusiast or anyone who wants to find a reason to go.

John Lambert

Mar 25, 2010
Tourism in Kenya
by: Archie Melrose


Kenya has always been a popular tourist destination and the main reason for visitors is to see wild animals. There are many many safari businesses that will entertain tourists to help them do that. Of course its dependent on whether the wild animals will smile or run away and hide.

But and I say this with a big but.....Kenya has more to offer than safaris. There is a coastline on the Indian Ocean with beaches to die for. There are the highlands inland with extinct volcanoes and hot springs where you can boil eggs in 3 minutes. There are mountains that have glaciers, valleys that are full of tea, coffee plants and lakes that have snorting hippos and tasty fish.

OK I will stop for the moment and answer your question without boring statistics. Kenya's tourism sector is without a doubt the main earner for the country. It has always been that and when there were election problems 2007/2008 the tourists said NO. However I have to say that since then the figures have gone up and up and Kenya is now back on the tourist map.

Nairobi - Not the best city in the world to visit. A previous mail on this website asked what there was to see. Well not a lot unless you like traffic jams.

Rest of the Country - Awesome, wild, interesting and demanding. When you think you have seen it all then around the next corner is something different. Its that kind of place.

Negatives - Nairobi and its transport system. They are working on a solution but it will take years.

Personal hate - In a land that grows coffee why do I get a sachet of Nescafe when I want real brewed coffee???

Immigration - If the Kenyan Government want to attract tourists then why do they have endless queues at the airport with only one or two officials dealing with planeload after planeload of visitors. There must be a better way, first impressions are not good thats for sure.

OK this is a personal and surface reply if you want more then contact me


Mar 25, 2010
by: Archie Melrose


Are you doing a thesis? I would love to answer your question as would my fellow moderators and I will attempt to do so but this website does not have enough room to cover everything that you asked.

I appeal to Arjen, Cassandra, Irene and John to help me here. Oh and anyone else that reads this mail.

I will reply later


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