Days and Nights in Kenya

by Archie

Got back to UK in November and now its time to take a look back at the highlights of yet another trip to Kenya. No Mombasa, no Baringo/Bogoria, just hard work to set up our business in Nakuru, but let me tell you each day was full of fun and happy moments.

I think that anyone travelling to Kenya has to accept that the moment they arrive at the Airport then they are in a different time... It's called Kenyan time. Once the travellers accept this then all further negoitations and hopes will be governed by 'Kenyan Time'.

Now this is not a criticism, it's just the way it is and will be. For me it's so easy to be seduced and accept delay upon delay but for others it will be hard. As soon as I arrive at Nairobi Aiport then my thoughts of quick and efficient help shut down.

So onwards to Nakuru, just head on through the crazy traffic of Nairobi, a red light doesnt always mean stop. Its easier to pop behind a local driver and follow his lead. Once out on to the open highway then you can enjoy the journey.

A few hills and sharp turns take you to the 'viewpoints' above the Rift Valley and its there that your breath will be taken away. Mount Longonot before you with its presereved lava flows, hundreds of miles of valley floor below you, Lake Navaisha in the distance with its pink Flamingo edge and then you are surrounded by the guys selling the carvings and fruit. This is Kenya!

Once off the escarpment and on the valley floor then take a stop at the Delamare pitstop Naivasha - it's very good and a great break. Call it a rest area and when you see the Maribu storks begging for tit-bits then you know that you have arrived.

In 40 minutes you will be in Nakuru on the tarmac highway and a great place to stop for the night. Good hotels, restaurants and surpringly good disco's Fridays and Saturdays. A vibrant town it is a jewel in Kenya and far removed from the city life of Nairobi.

Good travels!

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I'm a kenyan
by: Anonymous

I'm a Kenyan and I just love it here, or is because I've not travelled much.

Kenyan Time
by: Anonymous

I'm a Kenyan who's lived abroad so Kenyan time also drives me nuts since I got used to being on time. I've learned to not take things too seriously though, just go with the flow. Show up late just like everyone else and you'll save yourself alot of frustration.

Time in Africa
by: Arjen (webmaster)

Archie, you're surely right about 'Kenyan time'. It was hard to get used to the first days, but after that... I just went with the flow, and relaxed.

I remember one of the first days, we went on safari. We were told to be ready outside by 6am in the morning. So at 6am sharp the whole company was outside, binoculars and cameras ready, it's still dark, we're looking at the road, where was the driver... The guy didn't show up until 2 hours later, of course. Then we went for a nice tour picking up his gear, and food supplies, from 6 different spots in 3 different villages, another 5 hours totally. Late in the afternoon, we entered the park.

In Kenya it's pointless to make appointments with people - just arrange things when you talk face to face with people.

You said it well - no criticism, it's just the way things are... and will be in 100 years time. ;-)

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