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Not withstanding the above, you are allowed to copy articles that I posted on, if you link back to my site as described at the bottom of those articles. You can read and/or copy these articles by clicking here:

Arjen Koopman, Platinum Author

In the same manner, you are also allowed to put the movies on your site that I uploaded to YouTube. Technically, this is simple. Just go to my Youtube page, pick a movie, copy and paste the code into your webpage, and the movies can be seen on your site immediately. They will begin to play immediately after your visitor clicked on them – they don’t have to download them first. You don't have to link to me, but my site URL is displayed shortly at the beginning and end of these movies. See these movies by clicking here:

Please be aware that this permission only goes for the articles and movies posted on the websites of and In other words, everything that appears on THIS site is copyrighted and you are NOT allowed to copy it.

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