Cheapest way to send a parcel from England to Kenya

by Mike Sims

I want to send pens/pencils to a school in Kenya, what would be the cheapest way to send them. Many thanks in advance.

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Mar 12, 2015
parcels to kenya NEW
by: nymous

I sent a parcel to Kenya back in December which has still not been received they said at the p,office it would take a certain amount of weeks but this is over 3 months now! Has anyone else had this trouble?

Jan 24, 2011
by: Ennie

Hi everyone, i am living in China and have loads of stuff i wanna send to Kenya Via post office but am just not sure they will arrive safely and if at all if they arrive i will be taxed.

I hope to send some clothing to my family and some shoes and bags for sale to my friend.

Any idea or advice?

I just thought it would be cheaper.

Aug 10, 2010
Post To Kenya
by: Archie [Moderator]


Thankyou for your question and I have to agree with all the other replies.

Over many years of sending parcels to Kenya either by post or by courier [DHL] its always been 50/50 whether they would be received. In fact one Christmas the presents sent by the said courier lay in Nairobi Customs for 3 weeks and was eventually released mid January. DHL refused to take any responsibility as it had passed out of their hands for clearance.

As the other responders have said, if you know someone you can trust especially at the school then if it was me I would Western Union money to that person to buy the pencils etc. This would depend on your relationship with that school and the teachers etc.

Alternatively if you know someone who is going to Kenya then you could ask them to take packets of pencils etc and perhaps arrange a meet up with the school officials. I guess a lot depends on where the school is of course?

Its ironic that the postal service into Kenya is fraught with problems yet you could put a package/chicken/television or whatever onto a matatu [minibus taxi] in Nairobi [MoloLine] and have it sent virtually anywhere in Kenya with no problems at all.

Hope this helps


Aug 02, 2010
by: james mkenya

hi mike you can send the pens by posta,i know they are efficient and nothing will be lost.i have bought things from ebay and they have brought the goods safely here to kenya.and its cheap.

the best way was to send money but with untrustworthy people on the other side you really cant guess.

send them to their post office box and sure everything will be o.k.

thanks for helping somebody.

Aug 01, 2010
Help to the school
by: Eva

Hi Mike I have been to Kenya many times and I have been to the local school in the area where I visit which is near Ukunda and I have been with the children, teaching for a day and took milk and sweets and contributed money while I was there to the scool.

I help promote someones life out there with a small business, that I have managed to finance and send money through Western Union. If you want me to, I can find out who will collect the money from the school, they need specific ID, if you want me to do this, i can get this info through my contact, he lives in the village where the school is located.

I have also sent parcels and yes they do have to pay very high tax when they collet, usually more thant the parcel is worth but luckly all my parcels he has received.

If you want to go thi route, let me know.

Kind regards
Eva (UK)

Jul 31, 2010
pencils to Kenya
by: Irene O.

Dear Mike,

If you really want to help a school with pencils the best you do is to send money to someone reliable in Kenya or to give it to someone travelling to Kenya and let this person buy them there!

Pens and pencils are available in Kenya at low prices and you help a local shop keeper by buying them there. Save the money of sending them as it does create complications. The receiver end up paying taxes, spend probably hours to collect them at the postoffice or risking not to receive them at all.

If you have them already bought in the UK ask at the tripadvisor forum if someone can take them for you.

Dont sent them.

Irene O.

Jul 31, 2010
The safest way...
by: Arjen (webmaster)

Hi Mike, the cheapest way might be the regular Kenyan mail ( but I´ve heard from several people who´s packages didn´t arrive that way. They are stolen or lost or whatever. I believe EMS Kenya is far more reliable as it´s a private company. It won´t be very cheap however. Cheapest and safest option would be to give it to someone who´s traveling from the UK to the region of the school. There are many church etc. people who do voluntary work in Kenya and who would be happy to help you out. You could find them by posting here or any other Kenya related forum. Good luck.

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