Changing tourist visa for work permit in Kenya?

by Rehab
(Cairo, Egypt)

Hello, I'm flying to Kenya next week on a tourist visa and I hope that I can find a job there.

I love Kenya a lot, so if I find a job is it possible to apply for a work permit while I'm there?

Thank you.

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Oct 04, 2015
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Feb 16, 2015
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by: Sandra

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Feb 19, 2014
acquiring a work permit in kenya NEW
by: LENA K.

hi, You can either apply for a work permit when still in your residential country or when in Kenya.( I WOULD ADVISE YOU DO SO SOON AFTER ARRIVAL IN KENYA,this is so that if you wish to use an agent you will accompany them on that first visit to immigration). On arrival one holds a tourist visa which is only valid for three months as of December 2013. It is advisable that you start the application immediately if you want the normal process as it will take you you three or more months.
You can however pay more than the required fee and get it within a fortnight or three weeks at most. With the correct documentation and a good status financially the charges are
Application fee = shs.10,000
Work/Resident permit fee = Shs. 100,000 or shs.200,000 or shs. 250,000 a year depending on the class applied for .
These are the formal fees.
An agency does it for an extra fee of $1400-$1500 depending which includes their own fee. This extra fee gets you the permit in two to four weeks depending.
The process starts with the presentation of documents and the application fee is paid. A receipt from immigration is issued and then you are to wait for the processing. This involves online searches into an Interpol database and your status in your home country then a go ahead l is issued. A board meeting is then held to allow for vetting and approval. If approved a notification is issued to allow you make the work permit fee according to the duration of 1-2 years approved and this payment is done by a bankers cheque addressed to the immigration department. This payment is accompanied by a work permit security bond that is issued by an insurance company (Kenyan Immigration insists on shs.100,000 and a duration of 3 years). A good agency should cater for this through a fund for the same and should only charge at most shs.10,000 to the client to acquire a security bond.
On presentation of bankers cheque and security bond the permit is ready in a day. On collection of the permit the client should also avail their passport for endorsement. If a spouse is also accompanying them they should apply for a dependants pass.

Feb 19, 2014
acquiring a work permit in kenya NEW
by: LENA K.

it is never easy to acquire a work permit with a tourist visa but if your intention is to work in kenya, then in your first month( a tourist visa lasts three months and as of december 2013 it was not renewable)start the application process. this will ensure that by expiry you at least have an application process fee receipt at hand. The process is lengthy as it entails approvals and proof that documentation is legal and your residential status is legitimate in your residential country.if you need it in two weeks or three at most you need to spend more on it. it costs about $1149 to have it out in less than a month and also the agency fee of $300.This is in addition to 10,000 application fee and the work permit fee of sh.200,000 or 100,000 per year depending on the class being applied are issued with an application fee receipt and in two to four weeks you get a notification that your application was successful. you then acquire a security bond(insurance that you are not a fugitive from an insurance company)that costs at most sh.10,000 and then return them to immigration.
The work permit is then ready in two days and then on presentation of the permit you present your passport for endorsement.
Emigrato Agency Kenya

Apr 12, 2013
Work permit NEW
by: Hawa

Hi am not sure if you already came to Kenya n got your work permit? It's not as easy as you think n there are no agencies in Nairobi am aware they do that for you. Unless you want to lose your money. However you just need to know someone because our Kenyan immigration is a pain in the ass for everyone. They are so so mean. I have a German husband we tried to just inquire in the whole process n they just mislead us. But a few days ago my Finnish brother in law met someone who helped him but he had to pay extra. It took him like 3 weeks now he has a work permit which expires after 2 years n it's renewable. So no one should lie to you they have an office specially if you don't know them you will lose your money n never see them again. I can introduce you to my Finnish brother in law if you still are facing difficulties. My email incase you have further questions. Hawa

Apr 12, 2012
Apply for work permit NEW
by: Anonymous

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Oct 27, 2010
working permit
by: Irene O

Dear sir,

To change your tourist visum into a working permit is not that easy.. First of all there are not a lot of jobs available in Kenya. If someone want to employ you the company who applies for your working permit has to prove why they cant employ a Kenyan for the same vacancy.

They want to discourage foreigners to get a working permit as Kenyans have as understandable, priority.

If you would be lucky to get a job then you apply for a working permit which can take months to get it. There is also a fee for it and it depends which class your job belongs to how much the fee will be. Approx between 50.000 ksh and 200.000 ksh a year.

I went through it all myself and I would definetly not risk to stay or work without a permit.

I wish you good luck
Regards Irene O

Oct 26, 2010
Work permit in Kenya
by: Arjen (webmaster)

I understand you are encouraged to use a tourist visa when making short visits to Kenya, also as a business traveler, but indeed you need a work permit or Special Pass if you want to work as a foreigner in Kenya.

I think finding a job will be harder than getting the permit (or am I too optimistic about bureaucracy in Kenya now?).

You can get a work permit, or a Special Pass for short-term assignments in Kenya, from the Office of the Director of Immigration Services in Nairobi.

More info:

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