Bad service from Kenya Airways in December 2009

by Frustrated

Had a great holiday in Kenya in December. Fascinating country. We met a great number of friendly, helpful people and although we were shocked by some of the poverty we saw, we could only admire the way in which they managed their lives.

Then came the return flight! Mombasa - Nairobi - London - I'm not going into all the details, they are well-documented on other sites (e.g. airlinequality; dooyoo) but let's just say that after the way in which Kenya Airways acted (rather failed to act) and treated their passengers, we have no intention of ever flying with them again.

Refreshments - one drink and an almost inedible meal; Overnight accommodation - no chance; Compensation - they don't do it! Did I say - we eventually arrived in London 25 hours later!!!

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Not true commenter
by: Anonymous

It is absolute nonsense that Kenya airways are the only ones to fly from Nairobi to Mombasa : : flown them + OK : flown them : + very OK

Kenya airways itselfs is a rediculous ''pride of Kenya'' bunch of ?!éè'(éà(éè

We also had 23 hours delay !

There IS compensation
by: Anonymous

Yes I totally agree with your comments regarding their service. Unfortunately it is the only airline which travels this route, so you are stuck with it or another form of travel.
We too had encountered problems when flying to Mombasa. KA changed our flights prior to leaving, consequently they were responsible for supplying accomodation, needless to say when we arrived in Nairobi, there was no accomdation and no assistance. Luckily I had kept all the documentation and after a hefty battle with them via my travel agent and myself, I finally received payment for the accomodation. So if you have proof, battle it out, you will win in the end, just don't expect a quick outcome! Goodluck!

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