Always bring bug spray

by Rosa

My best Kenya tip: Always bring bug spray because there are tones of bugs!

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by: Anonymous

The term bug is as just as a bug called mesquito,
as of a text of tradition or bug spray.

Bugs and Bugs
by: Archie [Moderator]


Thanks for your short and informative mail.

Its ok you dont have to take bug spray with you, Kenya is a modern country and you can buy whatever you need for bugs there.

I can recommend a shop in Nairobi where you can get an outfit like the bee-keepers use and you will be safe and secure as you wander around Kenya. Ok I am teasing you and yes you have to accept whatever flies or crawls your way.

Believe me I can hear an ant crawl at a hundred yards and I have yet to be worried about any bugs invading my space. So be rest assured its not that bad.

Happy Travels


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